ecoFLEX Tough Pet Crate

It is the responsibility of a dog owner to keep their dog safe. One way a dog owner ensures their pet is safe is by ensuring they have a high quality pet crate like this ecoFLEX Tough Pet Crate The problem with pet crates however is the fact that there are a number of them that cannot withstand some weather conditions and therefore easily wear out. Others are of very poor quality that they are easily destroyed by your pet which allows them to escape from the crate. It is therefore very important to ensure you have purchased a high quality pet crate that will guarantee your pet’s safety once you have locked them in. ecoFLEX Tough Pet Crate is one of the best pet crates in the market today.

Getting Started With ecoFLEX Tough Pet Crate Review – Product Specifications

  • ecoFLEX Tough Pet Crate
  • Model Name: ecoFLEX Habitat n’ Home Pet Crate by New Age Pet
  • Dealer’s Official Website: New Age Pet
  • Description: ecoFLEX Tough Pet Crate Reviews
  • Easy Assembly which require no tools
  • Guarantee: 10 year warranty from the manufacturer
  • Spindles made of stainless steel
  • Where To Buy ecoFLEX Tough Pet Crate?: ecoFLEX Tough Pet Crate is available Here:  –  Click Here to Purchase

ecoFLEX Tough Pet Crate Details and Features

Why ecoFLEX Tough Pet Crate?

ecoFLEX Touch Pet Crate is a very popular crate among dog owners for several reasons. First and foremost, compared to other pet crates in the market, this one has a very unique design which makes it perfect to have indoors. The other thing that makes this a preferable crate for your dog is the fact that it is made from high quality material. The crate is made from a very durable type of composite material that is wooden and has stainless steel spindles which a dog cannot destroy. This keeps them safe and prevents them from escaping. The appearance of this crate is another thing that people love about it. It looks like a piece of furniture. This makes it possible for you to have it either in your living room or bedroom since it easily blends with the other furniture you have in the room. You can also place a few items on it when the dog is not in it to create space in the room or make it more attractive since the top of it resembles a table top..

        • Stylish Design

One of the features you will like about the ecoFLEX Tough Pet Crate is the stylish design it has. It is designed in such a way that it can easily be integrated into the décor you have in the room you intend to have it in. The top part of the crate is very spacious and provides room to have a vase, photo frames and other things that make it look less plain and out of place in the room you intend to have it. The crate generally comes in three colour options. These include: White, Russet and Espresso. This makes it easy for you to choose one that compliments your furniture.

        • Durability

The other feature that makes the ecoFLEX Tough Pet Crate the best crate for your dog is its durable material. This crate has some wooden parts that are made from recycled wood and fibres. This makes the crate very durable since the material is tough against breakage and warping. Apart from durability, this material makes it very hard for your dog to escape or damage the crate since it is very tough. This crate is also very eco-friendly which is great for the environment. ecoFLEX Tough Pet Crate is also quite easy to clean. This is because the material used to make it does not absorb liquids. This makes it easy for you to clean the dog’s droppings and prevents any foul smell from developing in the crate or in the room.

        • Function

The other amazing feature of this pet crate is the fact that it has dual function. Apart from using it as containment for your dog, you get to utilize the upper part like a table. This is an important feature because it not only allows you to save on space but also enables you to have your pet close to the family even when he is locked away. This is something you do not get with metal crates that do not have very good designs.

        • Chew Guard

Last but not least, the spindles on the dog crate have a chew guard. This prevents the dog from escaping thereby ensuring their safety in the crate. This is one thing that shows that the ecoFLEX Tough Pet Crate is a high quality crate. Poor quality crates are easy to for the dog to destroy and therefore do not offer maximum protection. You do not need to worry about your dog escaping with the ecoFLEX Tough Pet Crate.

ecoFlex Tough Pet Crate

Currently they are offered in 2 colors offered and 4 sizes. White and Black

ecoFLEX Tough Pet Crate Pros: 

– There are several advantages you get when you use the ecoFLEX Tough Pet Crate. First and foremost, you do not have to worry about your dog breaking out of this crate since it is made of high quality tough and durable material and has steel spindles. The other advantage you get from this crate is the fact that it is very easy to clean. Since the material does not absorb any liquids, you are able to clean the dog droppings easier and faster without there being production of any foul smells. You also get to maximize on space with this crate since it can also be used as a table. Last but not least, the ecoFLEX Tough Pet Crate goes very well with the furniture in your home thereby complementing your décor.


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ecoFLEX Tough Pet Crate Review Concerns


-There are a few things that can be a disadvantage to someone intending to use the ecoFLEX Tough Pet Crate. First and foremost, when you purchase this pet crate, you get it in parts. This means you have to assemble it. It can be difficult for some people to assemble the pet crate on their own without the help of an expert. The other disadvantage you might have is the fact that a big and aggressive chewing dog might still be able to chew on the wood even though there are chew guards.

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In conclusion, the ecoFLEX Tough Pet Crate is an amazing pet crate to have in your house. It has all the necessary features that ensure the safety of your dog and it can be easily incorporated into any room since it is well designed and will therefore go well with your décor. If you have a dog and would love a crate to keep them safe, this is the best product to get.  We hope you enjoyed our ecoFLEX Tough Pet Crate Review!

ecoFLEX Habitat n' Home Pet Crate by New Age Pet

EcoFlex Dog Crate - Tough

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ecoFLEX Tough Pet Crate

ecoFLEX Tough Pet Crate
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