Heavy-Duty Dog Crate by My1stPet

It goes without a doubt that a crate is essential for dogs that chew up shoes and destroy the owner’s furniture. In essence, dog crates are indispensable for any dog owner who has a destructive pet. Whereas crate training is important for puppies, it may equally be the best option when your little puppy is not so little any longer..

Getting Started With Heavy-Duty Dog Crate Review – Product Specifications

  • Heavy-Duty Dog Crate
  • Model Name: Heavy-Duty Dog Crate by My1stPet with 2 Doors
  • Dealer’s Official Website: My1stPet Website
  • Description: Heavy-Duty Dog Crate Reviews
  • Has four rolling wheels in which 2 can be locked
  • Corrosion and rust resistant
  • Top door and side door
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Why Opt For a Dog Crate?
A dog crate is imperative as it creates indoor escape for your dog, not to mention the fact that it becomes your dog’s home within the home. Dog crates are the ultimate best option for dogs of whatever age.

There are several types of dog crates on the contemporary market. Nevertheless, this article focuses exclusively on the Heavy Duty Dog Crate with 2 Doors by My1stPet. Read on so you understand the crucial details regarding this product.

The Heavy-Duty Dog Crate by My1stPet
The heavy-duty dog crate is designed to house those dogs that seem to be a little clever and destructive. While these crates are a bit costly, they are sturdy and perform their task effectively as is appropriate. Another great advantage is that these dog crates are approved for airline travel. You can travel with it much easier if your dog is well accustomed to it.

Perhaps you’ve heard the fact that dogs are den animals. This simply means that they also need absolute comfort in times of stress, and the heavy-duty dog crate provides the supposed comfort for your pet. This den-like structure gives your dog a safe and secure place to retreat, sleep, and even eat.

The Heavy-Duty Dog Crate with 2 Doors
Product Description
The Heavy-Duty Dog Crate with two doors encloses your beloved pet steadily and conveniently in a portable enclosure. This dog cage is made of steel hardware along with 2-inch steel tubing, which ensures that even the larger pets are perfectly accommodated.

Opening the door is as easy as it sounds; simply push the button on the lock that is located at the front of the portable cage so you can gain access. This product includes a removable plastic tray that helps contain leaks. This is instrumental in making it easier for dog owners to clean up their crates. It also integrates up to four rolling caster wheels that help maneuver your dog crate.

This product comes packed with the following:
– A removable tray
– Heavy-duty dog cage
– Assembly instruction manual

Heavy-Duty Dog Crate by My1stPet Details and Features

        • Metal Square Parts and Heavy-duty Steel Wire

The product incorporates the metal square tube as frame and heavy-duty steel wire for cage body. The metal square sections are sturdy and guarantee the absolute safety for your treasured pet.

The Heavy-Duty Dog Crate with two doors by My1stPet keeps your pet restrained, even at the times when you aren’t home. Your pup may chew up the product’s plastic liner to bits. However, the metal parts serve to hold your dog’s fierce jaws, thus preventing it from making an escape.

        • Two Doors

It also boasts side and top doors, which ensure that dog owners get an easy access to the cage. So, in case of emergencies the two doors make it easy for you to gain access to the crate and address the issue.

        • Rolling Casters

This product highlights up to four rolling casters, and two of them are locking. These rolling casters help make it easier to move the dog’s cage from a point to the next. The other two locking casters make your dog secure in the crate even when you are not home.

        • Rust and Corrosion-resistant floor grate

The heavy-duty dog crate has a floor grate that is both rust and corrosion resistant. This helps in the durability aspect of this exceptional dog crate. It also includes a removable plastic tray that contains leaks, making it easy for dog owners to clean up the entire cage.

Heavy-Duty Dog Crate by My1stPet Review


Currently they are offered in 2 different sizes

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Heavy-Duty Dog Crate by My1stPet Pros: 

1. Reliable and Convenient
This dog crate has two latches at its main door. These latches engage by shutting the door, meaning that if one of them fails to clasp appropriately, the other one does. The product is reliable, convenient and great for every dog owner.

2. Easy to clean and maintain
This dog crate incorporates a removable plastic tray at the floor of the crate. It is responsible for keeping the floor of the cage clean for your dogs, because it catches anything that falls.

Another added advantage to this is that you may notice a dramatic reduction of dog hair inside the room. This owes to the fact that dog hairs collect in the trays, reducing the cleaning task for you.

3. Solidly Built Dog Crate That Stands Out
The heavy-duty dog crate by My1stPet is solidly built and durable. Apparently, this product is built just the way one would build a dog crate that lasts. It boasts a solid, industrial strength and is the ultimate best crate you will ever need.

4. Easy Assembly
This product isn’t that difficult to put together as it comes with easy-to-read instructions that are accompanied by pictures. The assembly takes no more than five minutes, literally. Simply read the instructions with the utmost caution and you’ll be good to go.

5. Rust and Corrosion-resistant
The product is rust and corrosion-resistant. Therefore, it is durable and beats the test of time.


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Heavy-Duty Dog Crate by My1stPet Review Concerns


– The grates that lie at the bottom of the crates aren’t secured in an appropriate way. They are very noisy and irritating. Nevertheless, this may be solved via zip ties.

– Some people report that the welds are inconsistent. This, however, is a minor problem that only requires slight fastening so that the crate can work the right way.


Having a secure place for your pet is essential regardless of the type of dog you have in your home. Consequently, purchasing a dog crate is imperative even if you are not using it all the time. A heavy-duty dog crate with two doors by My1stPet is a nice-to-have option, especially when you have kids and guests around. It is even a must-have option if you’re planning to travel with your beloved pup.  We hope you enjoyed our Heavy-Duty Dog Crate Review!

Heavy-Duty Dog Crate by My1stPet

Heavy-Duty Dog Crate

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Heavy-Duty Dog Crate by My1stPet

Heavy-Duty Dog Crate by My1stPet
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