Top 5 Kong Dog Toys

Best Kong Dog Toys To Choose From

Does your dog get bored a lot? Does it have nothing to do the whole day but try to chew your shoes and slippers? Well, that dog needs a toy. Sounds weird, right? Wrong. Dogs, just like your kids, get bored a lot and need a way to release all their pent up energy. After all, an idle mind is a devil’s workshop.

Kong is a company that has come to the rescue of many a dog owner with their incredible line of dog toys. The toys are made from the company’s own special kind of rubber that is safe for the dogs to endlessly chew on.

You might wonder whether your small Chihuahua will have the same toy that is meant for the Doberman. Kong dog toys are made so that they can entertain and occupy every kind of dog; big and small or aggressive and peaceful. Below we take a look at the top Kong dog toys that will have your canine friend yapping with glee.

The Kong Classic Toy

Kong Dog Toy - ClassicOne fact that most dog owners forget or even never get to know is that the dog starts feeling anxious less than a half hour after you have left it. This separation anxiety is bad for a dog’s health.

Enter the Kong Classic toy.

The Kong Classic toy alleviates this separation anxiety and gives the dog something to do – without missing you that much – as you run your errands. This is a duty that the Kong Classic toy has done so well that it is considered one of the bench marks in the dog toy industry.

This toy is made of a super chewy rubber that has the added advantage of having irregular bounce. This unpredictability of where the toy will fall when tossed makes for enjoyable playing.

What makes this a top dog toy is the fact that it can also be used as a treat dispenser. The Kong Classic toy has a hollow center that can be filled with treats that entice the dog to further play with it. Putting both solid and liquid treats in the toy make play time something your canine companion looks forward to.

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Kong Extreme Goodie Bone

Kong Dog Toys - Goodie BoneIf your dog is the kind that is a ferocious chewer, you might want to pop in to the pet shop and get him the Kong Extreme Goodie Bone. Just like the Kong Classic, this dog toy has been made with the same durable rubber that has become wont with the rubber toys by this manufacturer.

The rubber, which is non-toxic to the dogs, can take a lot of damage before being worn down by the super chomping power of your dog. You will, therefore, not have to buy a new toy every week to keep the dog entertained and occupied.

Another advantage of the Extreme Goodie Bone is the fact that it has been manufactured to hold treats at either end of the bone. Your power chewer will, therefore, have more incentive to engage with the toy thus reducing the risk that he will come down with separation anxiety once the door shuts behind you as you go out without him.

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Kong Wubba Dog Toy

Kong WubbaContinuing with its mission of producing effective toys for your shaggy friend, Kong brings to you the Kong Wubba Dog Toy. This is specially made for dogs that need to interact a lot with their owner to feel loved.

The Kong Wubba Dog Toy, on a cursory examination, appears to have the aesthetics of a puppet but is far from it on a closer look. This tug toy is made up of two rubber balls; a squeaker ball found below a tennis ball.

This pair is sheathed in a durable and reinforced coat of nylon fabric. Games of fetch are especially fun for both the dog and owner due to the four straps of nylon that extend below the pair of balls, making for an oddly shaped toy that will stimulate the mind of the dog.

This toy is not meant for unsupervised play because these straps of nylon can be choking hazards to the dog if left alone.

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Air Dog Squeakair Birthday balls

Birthday Squeaker Dog toyIf your dog has spent a full year with you, that is a really big deal. This is mainly because these canine companions of ours quickly turn from the cute, yapping bundle of joy at the pet store to a full grown growler in a matter of months.

To celebrate the dog’s birthday, Kong offers the Air Dog Squeakair Birthday balls. These are particularly great if your dog loves the outdoors and is really into playing fetch, bringing the balls back to its master each time you throw them.

The balls are colored brightly, making it easier for the dog to see them as they are hurled in the park or if they roll into the surrounding foliage.

These squeaky playthings are covered in non-abrasive tennis fabric pulled over recessed rubber. The fabric does not hurt the dog’s gums or wear down their vital, sharp teeth.

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Squeezz ball

KONG Squeezz BallOne thing that drives your furry friend gleefully crazy is a toy that squeaks. With this in mind, Kong came up with a genius toy that offers exactly this to the dog. The Squeezz ball is made out of the patented Kong rubber that is extremely durable under the punishment it receives from the sharp dog teeth.

Beneath the rubber, within the interior of the ball, are speakers that squeak. This drives the dog to further chew on and play with the ball to elicit this amusing sound. The rubber is too tough enough to ensure that the speakers do not become loose.

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Kong dog toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as materials. You should know what kind of a dog you have so that you can buy toys that are good for it; toys that will keep him perky and occupied in your absence without posing a risk to his health.

Happy playing. Woof!