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LupinePet Adjustable Dog Collar

Guaranteed Even if Chewed LupinePet Dog Collar

Being a dog owner is one of the great pleasures in life. Having a loyal best friend is great for company and making the home a friendlier place- and they are brilliant with families to help the kids develop a love for animals and learn responsibility. With dogs being such valued members of a household- every owner wants to make sure they are looked after well and able to live a fun, friendly and enjoyable life- the accessories you have for your pooch can make a massive difference with that.

When going for walks at least once a day and the general rough and tumble activities that energetic dogs get up to, it is crucial that items such as the collars and leashes that you use are durable and comfortable to ensure you and your dog can have a great life together- without the fear of being let down by your equipment. Dog owners have all experienced a fault with a collar at some point or another (whether it be by breaking or simply un-fastening), so a collar that minimizes the chances of these kinds of occurrences is a must-buy for everyone.

It can be tricky to decide what best way to keep your dog on a leash, with the collar being an important training tool for your pet. There are simply so many different types available. Do you get a full harness (which are especially good for puppies), a nylon, nylon blend, leather, faux leather, suede, canvas collar or even a metal chain? They all have their uses, and ultimately come down to the effectiveness of the weakest part, ie the clip. The main trait to go for is one that will be comfortable for your dog, though.

For most, a regular collar will be fine, but the more feisty canines may require something stronger like a chain or maybe even a shock collar (particularly for ones that are extremely hard to control, or being trained to hunt and retrieve). If your dog has a habit of finding itself in messy areas, like ponds or mud, then collars made from nylon will be your best bet because of the ease of cleaning that this material gives you. Beyond that it’s just a case of preference on your part- whether you prefer the look and feel of a genuine leather collar or the practicality and strength of one made from synthetic materials.

Getting Started With LupinePet Adjustable Dog Collar Review – Product Specifications


  • LupinePet Adjustable Dog Collar
  • Model Name: Adjustable Dog Collar by LupinePet
  • Dealer’s Official Website: https://www.lupinepet.com/
  • Description: LupinePet Adjustable Dog Collar Reviews
  • One Inch wide for various size dogs 
  • ton of different designs and colors
  • guaranteed (even if your dog chews the collar)
  • Where To Buy LupinePet Adjustable Dog Collar: The LupinePet Adjustable Dog Collar is available and you can order here –  Click Here to Purchase

After deciding on the type of collar you need, you must make sure you get one that fits perfectly (so as to avoid it becoming a choking hazard). A good way to do this is by using a tape measure to measure around its neck, add 2 inches to this number and then get the corresponding length collar (with puppies, though, just add 1 inch). Most collars are, of course, adjustable within a certain range- what you are looking for is something that is tight enough to stay in place, but loose enough that you can easily slide two fingers in between it and the dogs neck. This allows enough breathing room to avoid any difficulties.

With all of this taken into account, the range of LupinePet Adjustable Dog Collars could be what you are looking for. They come packed with features to ensure a safe, secure fit and are available in a wide range of colors and sizes that will fit anything from the smallest little pup to even the largest of St. Bernards. LupinePet are sure to offer an adjustable collar to match your needs. Welded steel rings and a quick drying nylon fabric are standard across the entire range to guarantee a strong durability so that weakest part of the collar will stay safely in place. They also come with a full guarantee- even if your dog has managed to chew it up.

LupinePet Dog Collar Details and Features

LupinePet’s range incorporates a variety of design features to make the whole process as easy as possible for you and your dog. Each collar is made from a lightweight, easy-dry nylon fabric, which ensures that it won’t get in the way or become uncomfortable. It is easy to clean too, so mud and muck won’t prove to be a problem after a swim in the pond. To prevent fastening and unfastening from becoming a chore, each collar is made with a slightly oversized side-release clasp, which makes life a lot easier.

        • The Buckle 

Designed in conjunction with YKK, the buckle manufacturer, Lupine have developed a buckle that they claim is the highest quality and strongest plastic buckle available. It apparently tests stronger than metal buckles, is pet safe, and has an easy side-release mechanism.

        • D-Rings

The parts on which the leash get attached- are made from welded steel, are rust resistant and manufactured to a standard that will handle two years of heavy usage.

        • Nylon Webbing

Lupine use high quality jacquard nylon webbing for their collars. There is no color printing or overlay involved and the products are tested for color fastness- meaning that they are fully washing machine safe, and are designed to endure, so will retain their look and vibrant color for many years without fraying at all.

        • Tri-Glide

The nylon plastic tri-glide has non slip teeth molded into it which ensure the collar stays at a constant size, no matter how hard your pooch may pull against it.

LupinePet Adjustable Dog Collar


LupinePet Adjustable Dog Collar ColorsCurrently they are offered in 4 colors offered. Obsidian Black, Blue Spring, Purple Dusk, Red Currant

– Rose Garden (purple and pink)

– Alpen Glow (orange, purple and pink)

– Rain Song (purple, blue and green)

– Heart 2 Heart (pink, orange and purple)

– Tail Feathers (blue and green)

– Down Under (brown and orange)

– Wet Paint! (baby blue, pink and orange)

– Crazy Daisy (purple, orange, turquoise and yellow)

– Muddy Paws (blue and brown)

– Tickled Pink (pink and brown)

– Puppy Love (pink)

– Dapper Dog (blue and yellow)

– Jelly Roll (purple)

– Fly Away (green with ducks)

– Bling Bonz (black and white)

– Go Go Gecko (orange with blue geckos)

– Beetlemania (green with red beetles)

– Sea Glass (green, blue and purple)


Pros Of The LupinePet Adjustable Dog Collar: 

LupinePets have a huge variety of options available, meaning you’re unlikely to see another dog with the same design of collar as yours (unless you’re at a rather large gathering). Lupine guarantee the colors of their collars, with the patterns being all the way through rather than simply printed on top. They are fully washable and will retain their vibrancy for years. With specially engineered buckles and steel rings, these collars are sturdy and resilient- giving you confidence that they will remain in tact despite your dogs best efforts. Lupine offer a full guarantee on the collars (even if it has been chewed up) so even if you do experience a problem, your collar will be replaced, free of charge. These collars are manufactured in Conway, New Hampshire using recycled materials- meaning you are supporting an American company while being responsible to the environment.

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A Few LupinePet Adjustable Dog Collar Review Concerns


Nylon collars can sometimes irritate the skin and break hair shafts on the coat. Over time they tend to lose their look due to fraying fabric, and eventually the color will begin to fade (problems that can be rectified by taking advantage of the guarantee). It is also worth considering whether you need a collar or a harness (particularly if you’re buying one for a puppy). It is vital that collars are a perfect fit. Those that are too tight will cause a choking hazard, but so will ones that are too loose because of their chances of getting caught on something.

Your dogs comfort is important to their wellbeing, so a Nylon collar may not be the ideal type for some. Puppies usually respond better and are far happier wearing harnesses, so perhaps the LupinePet Adjustable Dog Collar range is something to consider when they have grown up a bit more and aren’t so energetic. It also appears that they haven’t fully solved the color leaking problem, with many reports saying that the color has bled into the dogs fur after a swim.


Consumer response to the range of LupinePet adjustable dog collars is, in the main, very positive. The colors are vivid, making it easy to spot your dog at a distance, and the fact that Lupine offer the 100% guarantee is an extremely popular feature. By visiting their website, claiming on this guarantee appears to be very simple and hassle free. The wide range of designs available mean that many owners purchase a selection of collars (which are, themselves, very reasonably priced) for different occasions, and there are many reviews commenting on how sturdy and tough the materials are.

The clips are very easy to use in conjunction with a leash (as opposed to other brands’ which sometimes can prove to be very tricky)- don’t pinch the dogs neck like other collars sometimes do, and dogs respond very well to the design by showing no real signs of discomfort except for when the collar is ill-fitted. The size chart is very much on the safe side, so it might be worth considering a size larger than you would normally get, but they are easily adjustable within the parameters. The main problem that owners face with this collar is the apparent ease at which the colors start to run once immersed in water. Obviously this has no direct affect on functionality of the collar, but can be disappointing from the aesthetic perspective, especially when the bright color leaks onto the dogs coat and leaves them with a bright colored stain.


If you have looked into your collar requirements, and are looking for a decent, fair priced and durable nylon product, then these are a great contender to be what you need. LupinePet adjustable dog collars a great, fashionable, choice for your dog. They are safe to keep on at all times if you wish, and very reliable when needed. The nylon fabric used to make them keeps them comfortable for the dog, while remaining rigid enough to stay in place, and allow you to control your dog through the leash.

It is important to have faith in your dogs collar, since it breaking can result in unfortunate consequences (like searching for your dog for hours in the park because he’s run so far away) and by offering a no questions guarantee for any problems, Lupine have shown that they definitely have the utmost faith in their product- something that is reassuring from an owners perspective. From reviews of other owners, it is clear that their dogs find these collars very comfortable, quite happily wearing them at all times, making it easy to attach a lead to them whenever you need. You may even find that they don’t want you to ever take them off!

These days, dogs are a integral member of the family- many owners like to be fashionable with their dogs, and the wide range of patterns and options available here give you a great opportunity to keep your dog looking on trend. Why only get one collar? There are so many colors on offer that you could get 3 or 4 different types to always ensure that the color of your dogs collar matches your own outfit. Lupine also sell leads (in 2,4 or 6 foot versions) in the same range of colors as the collars to continue the theme, as well as being covered by the same product guarantee which means you can feel very safe when out with your dog with the knowledge that all your gear will hold together safely- while looking amazing.  We hope you enjoyed our LupinePet Adjustable Dog Collar Review!

LupinePet Adjustable Dog Collar

Guaranteed (Even if Chewed)

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Guaranteed Indestructible Adjustable Dog Collar

LupinePet Adjustable Dog Collar

LupinePet Adjustable Dog Collar
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