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Dog cages are meant to be a comfy place for your pet dog at home. The best dog cages should be durable and flexible. The dog cages are also meant to ensure safety and security for your dog. The perfect dog crate should be large and have the ability to withstand heavy duty. Dog crates always come in handy for a dog owner especially during car tours.

Getting Started With ProSelect Empire Cages Review – Product Specifications

  • ProSelect Empire Cages
  • Model Name: ProSelect Empire Dog Cages
  • Description: ProSelect Empire Cage Reviews
  • Designed specifically for powerful dogs that claw or chew their way out of other cages and crates
  • Heavy-duty welds
  • Features a removable floor pan for easy cleaning
  • Also available in Small size
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The ProSelect Empire Cage Details and Features

        • Features.
          • This product is specially designed for strong dogs which has tough claws and a habit of chewing their cages.
          • These cages have a detachable floor pan which enables easy cleaning to be done.
          • The ProSelect Empire Cages are made of durable materials which have the ability to resist rust and withstand high pressure. This is because of the high grade hammer ton used in finishing,
          • They have strong steel tubes with double door latches and heavy duty welding that has been done on stress points.
          • Similarly, they also have a frame made of steel and reinforced by still tubes to provide the most powerful crates in the market.

ProSelect Empire Cages Design


The crate is designed using the most durable materials such as stainless steel which makes the crates to be the most powerful and popular in the market. The ProSelect Empire Cages have a highly secured side door for easy access to the pet and also easy entry and exist of it. Sometimes the doors of these cages are secured with the latch.

ProSelect pet cages include a tray which is black in color and can also slide easily. The Empire pet cages by ProSelect have a unique finish which ensures the cage is rust free. The cages are designed in a way that they cannot be broken by any animal pet because of their strong steel tubing, stout, double door latches and heavy duty wheels. Apart from that, the ProSelect Empire Cages require the least effort for assembly.

The material used to make these cages is 20 gauge steel reinforced by half diameter steel tube size. The cage also has four detachable locking casters which ensure easy portability. The pet crates from the Empire ProSelect Cages can be found in various sizes allowing the dog owner to pick on the best size for the pets. The cages are also made in a way that is easy to clean, whether it’s inside or outside.

The primary material used to make the ProSelect Empire dog cages is metal whereas the hardware material involved in making the crates is iron. The standard product warranty for these cages is normally one year. The ProSelect Empire Dog Cages are known to be among the world’s strongest dog cages. This gives dog owners assurance that their dogs will be covered for quite some time.

ProSelect Empire Cages Pros: 

he product is specifically designed in a way that it cannot be destroyed by any charged home pets.

  • The ProSelect dog cages have been made using strong twenty gauge steel bars and further reinforced heavy inch tubes of steel to ensure the cage remains powerful.
  • The cages have been made with four caster wheels to ease movement. The wheels have locks on them to prevent accidental movements.
  • At each bottom of these cages are detachable stainless steel trays which enable easy cleaning to ensure the pet live in a hygienic clean environment. The trays are rust resistant and corrosion free.
  • ProSelect Empire dog crates are available in two different colors which offer dog owners a choice of picking the favorite color that match up correctly to its dog’s surrounding.


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A Few ProSelect Empire Cages Review Concerns


Empire Dog crates are way expensive. If you are not keen, a single cage can eat up all your money.

  • The crates have large distances between their bars making it difficult for pet owners to keep their pets inside the cages.
  • Since the floor of the cage is not compact, dogs have difficulties especially when food pieces fall through and cannot be reached.
  • Reports of dogs getting hurt while trying to get out of the steel bars have been made by many dog owners.
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Benefits of Having ProSelect Empire Cages.

As a pet owner, I find products from ProSelect very comforting to both myself and my dog. The ProSelect Empire Dog Cages ensure maximum comfort for my dog and this way I also relax and lay back with ease knowing my pet dog has a relaxing space of its own. Apart from being spacious, the ProSelect Dog Cages come in different sizes therefore they can accommodate different dog ages and sizes.

As much as these ProSelect Empire Cages have been built with what the seller terms as the most enhanced material that can withstand heavy duty, what he does not mention is that the cages can easily be broken by big dogs such as German shepherds which are above eleven months of age. I have had a case of my own after my dog broke the hinges of its cages with little effort when it turned eleven months old. However, the crates are durable while they last.

Personally I found out that these ProSelect Empire Cages are expensive but worth it. This is because unlike other products, the ProSelect Empire dog cages have the ability to withstand pressure and successfully train dogs as required. The stainless steel trays in the cages make it possible for your dog to get accustomed in depositing waste matter at the right place and also having a specific eating area so that it does not spill food all over. I am saying this from experience because my dog was self trained in doing the above mentioned activities after I introduced it to the Pro Select Empire dog cages.

The ProSelect Empire Cages have been labeled the most durable and reliable Heavy duty dog cage product in the market today. Although it is an expensive product, dog owners have invested in buying the crate because of the quality and durability that comes with it. New dog owners should invest in these cages so that they can be guaranteed of their dogs’ safety and comfort.

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Indestructible ProSelect Empire Dog Cages

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