Repelz-It Ninja Bed

The Repelz-It Ninja Bed is made by Dog Gone Smart Pet Products to be a high tech solution for your aggressive chewer. Dog Gone Smart Pet Products and their patented Repelz It Nanoprotection claim to protect your dogs’ bed from stains, liquids, odors, and disease spreading bacteria.

Getting Started With Repelz-It Ninja Bed Review – Product Specifications


  • Repelz-It Ninja Bed
  • Model Name: Repelz-It Ninja Bed by DogGone Smart Pet Products
  • Dealer’s Official Website: DGS Pet Products
  • Description: Repelz-It Ninja Bed Reviews
  • Chewproof 90 day Guarantee
  • it resists stains, liquids, and doesn’t absord liquids that cause beds to smell
  • fits in most standard crates and dog carriers
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Repelz-It Ninja Bed Details and Features

        • High Technology, but is it worth the cost?

The Ninja Indestructible Dog bed is made with six factors which are designed to work together to keep your aggressive chewer from destroying their bed, sleeping comfortable and to protect them from bacteria.

        • Ballistic Protection

The Repelz-It Ninja Bed starts with a high-density foam insert that provides your pup with a firm, but comfortable, non-bunching, bed to sleep on. The outer cover is made from a pet-safe ballistic nylon that is resistant to chewing and scratching. This outer cover is coated in Dog Gone Smart Pet Products Repelz-It nanoprotection that resists stains, pet odor, dirt, and bacteria growth.

        • Hide and Seek?

The outer shell comes with a hidden zipper pocket that will allow you easily remove it for machine washing while also allowing you to rest assured that your pup won’t be able to find it and start chewing. The seams are double-reinforced for an added durability while lastly, the Dog Gone Smart Pet Products say that it is a waterproof fabric.


Repelz-It Ninja Bed Colors


Currently they are offered in 3 colors.  Black, Olive, and Khaki

The Good

There are two major chemicals that are used to give fabrics a waterproof coating and stain resistance. These chemicals are scientifically called as PFOA and PFOS but you’ll probably know them by their more common names: Teflon coating and Scotchgard. These chemicals have for a long time been believed to be generally safe materials; we use them on our cooking utensils, on our rugs and furniture.

However, there has been some recent studies which show that Teflon and Scotchgard may not be as generally safe as we had originally thought. Dog Gone Smart Pet Products have developed Repelz-It to do the same things as Teflon and Scotchgard but without using any of the possibly dangerous chemicals.

The outer shell

The outer shell is made with a ballistic nylon. Ballistic nylon was traditionally used in flak jackets worn by Airmen in the second World War. This is a strong type of nylon that, depending on its Denier rating, its weight, and its weave, can resist most rips and tears. Today, we generally use ballistic nylon on luggage, police duty belts, motorcycle jackets, and knife sheaths.

Dog Gone Smart Products claims their ballistic nylon carries this durableness to a whole new level by also protecting your pet against bacteria.


The Ninja Indestructible Dog Bed utilizes this Repelz-It Nanoprotection technology to keep your pet beds looking and smelling clean for far longer than a normal bed. This means that you won’t be washing it as much which is important since the Repelz-It Nanoprotection technology only lasts up to 50 washing cycles.

Dog Gone Smart Pet Products Repelz-It Ninja Bed’s come in multiple sizes and in multiple colors. Their beds come in an X-Small size that measures 15 inches by 20 inches and goes all the way up to XX-Large which measures 30 inches by 48 inches.

In addition one of the best things about the Ninja Indestructible Dog Bed is Dog Gone Smart Pet Products’ 90 days “Chew-Proof” guarantee. If your dog proves to be too rough for even ballistic nylon, you can get the bed replaced or your money refunded.

The Bad!

We’re not too impressed with this supposed Repelz-It Nanoprotection technology. We’re not even sure what it is exactly and Dog Gone Smart Pet Products doesn’t give us a chemical MSDS sheet to refer to for health concerns. While it is always good to be proactive when it comes to the safety of our pets, without knowing what this Repelz-It Nanoprotection technology is chemically made out of, how do we know that it’s actually safer than Teflon and Scotchgard?

Safety For your Pet

We don’t. Dog Gone Smart Pet Products simply asks us to trust them that it is. It might be safer and cheaper to spray your indestructible dog bed with a Teflon fabric protector and Scotchgard if staining and waterproofing is important to you. We don’t what is in the Repelz-It Nanoprotection chemical coating but we do know what is in PFOA and PFOS.

Therefore we do have some hints that it is some sort of chemical based on the fact that it only lasts for 50 washes. But we don’t know what these chemicals actually are or what their dangers are because we could not find any MSDS sheet for the Repelz-IT.

We also know that it’s not actually nanotechnology since nanotechnology is still being researched and is far too expensive, at this point in time, to be put into a dog bed which costs on average 80 dollars.

So, the Dog Gone Smart Pet Products is using some slightly deceptive marketing in the Ninja Indestructible Dog Bed. How deceptive is something that will be shown over time.


The next concerning point is the fact that these Ninja Indestructible Dog Beds just don’t seem to fully live up to their name.

While the ballistic nylon does endure rough treatment, the Ninja Indestructible Dog Beds seams do not hold up to aggressive chewer. Many customers with a wide range of dog breeds and chewing profiles claim that their pets have managed to break the outer shells at the seams. These reports claim that their pets easily ripped out the interior foam insert which broke down into choking hazards.

Once the seams have been broken, the high-density foam insert is not just a choking hazard for the aggressive chewer, but the foam can quickly form a blockage in your pups stomach and intestines. This will result in an expensive emergency trip to the Vets in order to get the blockage removed.

Pros Of The Repelz-It Ninja Bed : 


-Reduces dog odors

-Stain Resistant

-Water Resistant

-Free of PFOA and PFOS

-Wide Range of Sizes

-Multiple Colors

-90 Day Guarantee



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A Few Ninja Dog Bed Review Concerns


-Not for Aggressive Chewers


-Mixed Reviews

-Misleading Labeling

-Questionable Chemical Compounds

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Things to Keep in Mind

The Dog Gone Smart Pet Products Repelz-It Ninja Dog Bed is designed to be dirt, water, staining, odor and bacteria resistant. This makes the bed more suitable to outdoor use with an outdoor dog.

So If chemicals are a concern for you and your dog, you might consider choosing an indestructible dog bed made with more traditional forms for waterproofing and stain resistance. There are plenty of indestructible dogs bed which use rubber coated nylons that will provide you with the same resistance without having to expose your pooch to Teflon, Scotchgard, or whatever it is that makes up  Dog Gone Smart Pet Products Repelz-It.

Customer Reviews

Seems like the wide range of customer reviews for the Ninja Indestructible Dog make us concerned that this dog bed is not for the aggressive chewer. Despite what Dog Gone Smart Pet Products claim this dog bed can endure. There are too many complaints of weak seams (where the zipper is and where the ballistic nylon is joined together) to be fully ignored as just rare product failure.

Closely monitor your dog when you first introduce this bed to them and pay close attention the seams and zipper area for any wear, tear, and rips. Immediately remove this bed from your dog’s possession if you see any wear.  We hope you enjoyed our Repelz-It Ninja Bed Review!

Repelz-It Ninja Bed by DogGone Smart Pet Products

Repelz-It Ninja Bed

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