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When it comes to having a dog many people will agree with the fact that they are simply a blessing to have around. Majority of the time they are more than just a friend, they are a companion and to some degree they are also helpers at home. Considering this fact many however, it can be stressful to navigate streets and parks with your dog especially in cases where it is crowded. Due to this fact collars come in handy and thus this is where the ruffwear knot-a-collar dog collar comes in handy. However just what is it.

Getting Started With Ruffwear Knot-a-Collar Review – Product Specifications

  • Ruffwear Knot-a-Collar
  • Model Name: Ruffwear Knot-a-Collar Dog Collar by Ruffwear
  • Dealer’s Official Website:
  • Description: Ruffwear Knot-a-Collar Reviews
  • 7mm rope is a low profile collar that is comfortable on dogs fur
  • fisherman knots that slide make the collar easy to adjust sizes
  • aluminum plate gives the collar a non-slip adjustment
  • Where To Buy Ruffwear Knot-a-Collar: The Ruffwear Knot-a-Collar is available and you can order here – Click Here to Purchase 

Ruffwear Knot-a-Collar Details and Features

Simply put as the name suggests the ruffwear knot-a-collar dog collar is simply a dog collar. This however does not mean that this is just another ordinary dog collar because the design and features of this collar simply make it unique. Below are a few features that are not readily highlighted with the ruffwear knot-a-collar dog collar.

        • Aluminum belay plate 

The most notable component that the ruffwear knot-a-collar dog collar has is the aluminum belay plate that is used. Unlike most collars that use plastic leashes as the main component this uses a durable 7 mm cord that is practically low profile and uses ingenious engineering that allows it to sit comfortably on the dogs neck

        • Attachment point

To work in tandem with the aluminum belay plate is the aluminum leash attachment point. This attachment point is in the shape of a V that also allows the inclusion of an ID tag for your dog. With this you get to eliminate cases where you accidentally attach the Dog leash to the wrong area; a fact that happens to be extremely frustrating for your dog.

        • Sliding adjustment

The ruffwear knot-a-collar dog collar has made adjustment of the collar according to the size of the dog so much easier. With the sliding fisherman’s adjustment, you can easily adjust the desired size without fussing with it so much about it saving you from stressful situations and time wastage.

        • Tag silencer

With the ruffwear knot-a-collar dog collar the constant jiggling sound that is normally associated with dog collars is completely eliminated. This is due to the silicone tag silencer that has been incorporated in the design that ensures that annoying sounds that we all have been accustomed is no longer an issue.

        • Fashion statement

Well though fashion is not really a feature in itself, the low visibility that the ruffwear knot-a-collar dog collar provides surely is a fantastic feature. Instead of standing out and glaring at everyone, a reflective trim feature has been used to ensure that the collar has low light visibility feature and blends in with the color of your dog’s fur.


Ruffwear Knot-a-Collar


Currently they are offered in 4 colors offered. Obsidian Black, Blue Spring, Purple Dusk, Red Currant


Pros Of The Ruffwear Knot-A-Collar Dog Collar: 

Well with the ruffwear knot-a-collar dog collar you don’t have to really look at the benefits that you accrue from investing in this collar. With first time use, the most notable pro of this collar is that the material used does not tangle. This means that you get to eliminate cases where you have to detangle before and after use in your everyday life. What is more, the collar does not tangle in your dog’s collar fur and thus you get peace of mind knowing it works well for both of you.

• Comfort

Apart from the fact that the material used is extremely light hence ensuring that your dog doesn’t feel weighed down by intense amounts of weight, another benefit that is easily seen with the ruffwear knot-a-collar dog collar is the fact that the curved metal rests comfortably on the dogs’ collar. This directly means that cases where your dog scratches and makes a fuss with discomfort are eliminated. Your dog can move around with no discomfort at all.

• Stays put

With most dog collars in the market, one unanimous complaint that is well too common is the fact that most of the collars ride up a dogs neck. This fact is not only uncomfortable but extremely unsightly, with this collar, you don’t have to worry about this instances and all you do is put it on and you are in business


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A Few Ruffwear Knot-a-Collar Review Concerns


Well as expected no manufactured product is really perfect in itself however this is not the case with this collar. Most users of the ruffwear knot-a-collar dog collar have found delivery is not on schedule and it takes a little more time to reach the desired destination. Nevertheless considering that the collar in itself is simply flawless, this is not really a reason not to invest in it.

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What you get from purchasing this product

Practicality in everyday use

The first thing that you truly get from the ruffwear knot-a-collar dog collar is the uniqueness and practicality that it gives. This includes a collar design that lays and complements well with the natural fur of your own dog breed. This means that you have peace of mind knowing that the design gives your dog the ultimate comfort level and at the same time avoid unnecessary cases where your dog is hurt by a collar

Adjustment breeze

Another fact is that you eliminate the cases where you have to squat for minutes on end in the middle of the street just to adjust the collar. At the end of the day the sliding adjustment and the simple addition or removal tag feature is simply fantastic. In the long run practicality of this dog collar is at an all-time high.

High quality product

Last but not least you are sure that you are investing in a fantastic product in itself. With an aluminum base used in the design of the collar, you are assured that when investing in the ruffwear knot-a-collar dog collar that this is money well used. At the end of the day the elimination of plastic from the design means that you have no need to worry about breakages and the likes. No more worry about broken clips, buckles and the likes. What is more you are availed with the opportunity of making a fashion statement by choosing a collar color that is both practical, unique and simply beautiful.  We hope you enjoyed our Ruffwear Knot-a-Collar Review!

Ruffwear Knot-a-Collar Dog Collar

Ruffwear Knot-a-Collar

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