Top 5 Dog Toy Brands

Looking for the Best Dog Toy Brands ?

From the cute little Chihuahua to the mighty German Shepherd, dogs come in all sizes. But, whatever be their size, nothing can escape their powerful jaws once they set their heart on gnawing on something. Many a soft toy has been shredded by a persistent Husky and just enough shoes have been bitten into! A dog toy is not only a great way for your dog to cool off, but also a great way for dog-owners to engage with their pets.

Many companies are now making sustainable, indestructible and creative toys for our canine friends. Here are the most noteworthy dog toy brands amongst them:

1. West Paw Design:

This American Company, founded by Spencer Williams, which started off with just a handful of employees has today become the face of indestructible toys, with their range of ‘Zogoflex Dog Toys’. Known for their sustainable culture, West Paw Design also has a ‘Join the Loop’ recycling program for their Zogoflex toys! What makes them unique is their guarantee to replace a toy if it is destroyed before its life span.
Toys made by West Paw Design are made of eco-friendly recycled, non-toxic and elastic materials. Their toys float on water and can be cleaned easily. Some of their popular products are; Tux Treat Toy, Hurley Dog Bone and the Zisc Flying Disc.

2. Outward Hound (Previously known as Kyjen):

This company, previously known as Kyjen, is known for their innovative products. Living up to their motto of ‘ Raise the woof! ‘, they have introduced a new genre into the world of dog toys; Puzzles! These puzzles are essentially a durable tree trunk made of soft toy material with holes of different sizes. Pet parents stuff these trunks with little squirrels and their pets have a field day trying to get the squirrels out! Outward Hound is one of the prominent dog toy companies on the sustainability bandwagon.
Some of their noteworthy products for tough chewers are the Hide a Squirrel, Squeaker Matz and the Fun Feeder.


KONG, with its motto of ‘ Necessity and Love is the mother of invention’, was founded by Joe Markham. His police trained dog Fritz and his insatiable need for chewing on anything lying around, inspired Joe to start a business catering specifically to the need of durable, safe and bouncy dog toys. Their toys, or ‘KONGs’ as they are popularly known, are made from their very own, self made rubber.
The ‘ KONG Classic’ is a 30-year old product, especially made for dogs to chew on. Perfect for a game of fetch, the toy can also be stuffed with treats. KONG toys are recommended by veterinarians and dog trainers the world over.

4. Mammoth Pet Products:

This 20 year old pet company, specializes in everlasting tug toys for your dog. Tug-of-war is every doggies favorite game to play with their owners. Mammoth has nearly 100s of such products to choose from! With sustainability being their guiding principle, dog lovers at mammoth are known for delivering innovative products. The many variations of tug ropes and squeaky toys in their catalogue are an example of this endeavor. They certainly stand up to their motto; ‘Dog toys for Life!’

5. The Company of Animals: Tuffy

How many times have you brought a cute little soft toy for your pet to bite on? All that remains of the toy after 2 days of intense chewing is just a miserable piece of rag! Tuffy toys are the world’s ‘Tuff’est’ soft toys for dogs. What makes this a unique toy brand is that they categorize their Tuffys on a Tuff scale.
Tuffy makes ultra durable soft toys in fun shapes and sizes. The Sea animals are a doggie favorite! What makes them so sturdy is that, all of their designs have 4-layers of different types of durable material, stuffed with natural and safe fibres inside. They make an excellent chew toy for your cannine buddies!

6. JW Pet Company:

Each of the dog toy companies’ has a unique selling point. The JW Pet Company is known for their unique squidgy toys These spongy balls are a treat to play catch with or just chew on! Made with 100% safe rubber, these funky toys provide stimulation to obsessive chewers and also help in the dental health of your dog.

7. Harry Barkers:

This company, founded by model Carol Perkins, was named after her dog of the same name. Harry Barkers has a wide product range selling everything in dog care from dog beds to enjoyable toys. What is rather interesting to note is that their toys are stuffed with recycled plastics. Known for their long lasting and fang-resistant toys, this is one of the dog toy companies that makes its product from 100% natural materials. Their tug ropes are dyed with natural earth friendly dyes and are also machine washable! They are nothing but a delight for persistent chewers!

8. Nylabone:

Specially focussing on chew products for dogs, Nylabone launched their very first chew toy in the year 1955. Chew toys are instrumental in the dental hygiene of your pet. May dogs suffer from anxiety because of separation or teething during their early years. Nylabone creates perfect products specifically with this purpose in mind. Along with non-destructible chews, they also have edible chew sticks. DuraChew and DuraToy are some of their popular brands.

9. Honest Pet Products:

Honest Pet Products has a simple motto, ‘ To be true to our Pets. To be true to our Planet. To be true to our people.’ And they do just that! They make durable, safe and the most natural toys out there for our pets. Their products are not made from recycled plastics, but from naturally occurring materials like hemp and wool. The company is largely humanitarian and even employees nomadic tribal woman to help make these toys. Hemp is more durable than cotton, anti bacterial, anti microbial and a 100% biodegradable product of the Earth.

Honest Pet Products is one of many dog toy companies making a real difference, to both, pets as well as their people!

10. PetSafe:

PetSafe is another company pioneering in the field of durable dog toys. Their toys are fun, durable and bouncy and also dispense treats. This simple idea keeps your dog engaged for hours and also keeps their mind off aggressive chewing. Their ‘BusyBuddy’ brand features a number of innovative and value for money products which are available in various sizes and textures. Make your dog happy today!

A number of companies dedicated to dog toys are emerging in the market today. As pet owners become increasingly aware of their pet’s needs, these companies will flourish and add more innovative and creative products to their catalogue. Toys not only engage dogs for a while, but are also responsible for their overall well-being. Let’s work together to make this world a better place for our furry friends!