Top 5 Puppy Teething Toys

Best Puppy Teething Toys

Depending on the breed of a puppy, most of them lose all their milk teeth between the ages of 3.5 to 8 months. During this period, they have a tremendous urge to chew on anything they might get in front of them, which may cost to be an inconvenience for the owner. But, chewing is a natural behavior and should never be discouraged. Similar to human babies, puppies can be quite curious and want to carry out their natural instinct on unsuspecting items. The items may include shoes, furniture, and other material that cannot only damage things around the house but also cause harm to the puppies.

This is why it’s important that you take the initiative and buy your adorable little furry friend of a fun and durable chew toy that they can bite on to their heart’s content. But what are the criteria of buying chew toys? Well, take a look at the following five products that have consistently proving to be dog owner’s favorites around the world for many reasons.

Kong Puppy Dog Toy1. Kong Puppy Dog Toy

When it comes to making canine toy products, there are very few brands that can claim to be as good as Kong.  Kong has made a reputation for itself by manufacturing a line of products dedicated to growing dogs up to 9 months old. This particular toy is made up of 100% natural rubber and can prove to be indispensable for many reasons. It has been made using the company’s exclusive feeding rubber formula and is officially recommended by veterinarians, dog behavioral experts, and trainers from around the world. With this chew toy, you can stay confident that your puppy will grow up happy, and both of you will get to form a bond to cherish for a lifetime.

Features of the product

This product has been crafted using exclusive Kong dating rubber formula. It is perfect for stuffing different kinds of treats, ziggies, or snacks that the puppy may get as a reward. It helps in decreasing separation anxiety, aids in excellent training, boosts proper behavior related to chewing, and keeps misbehavior at bay. This toy even bounces a bit so that you can play fetch and have fun. Because it is made of durable material, fun times for your puppy and long life is guaranteed.

Kong Teething Dog Toy

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How can this product benefit you?

Once you start giving your sweet puppy the Kong Puppy Dog Toy, it shouldn’t take you long to notice a change in their behavior. As mentioned above, this product comes with many advantages that could significantly help ease the little mutt’s separation anxiety and promote healthy chewing behavior. This means you can expect your furry little friend to spend lots of time chewing on the toy instead of other useful items around the house.

No longer will you have to come home to find the toilet paper rolls in a complete mess, torn up sofa cushions, or excessively chewed shoes that you need to wear to the office the next day. And, the best part is that your puppy will love chewing on this toy because you can fill it up with foods like chocolate, cheese, and biscuits so that they can relish the treats after an intense chew session.


• Made using 100% rubber

• Helps in treating separation anxiety

• Can be filled up with treats like chocolate, cheese, etc.


• The treat may spill out in certain cases, creating a mess

2. Nylabone puppy teething rings

This is another popular toy that many owners have come to trust as it has been designed primarily for teething puppies. This is a chew toy unlike any other as it combines the combination of attractive color textures and outstanding durability of doggie chew bones to make for the perfect toy for enthusiastic puppies. Nylabone is a reputed name in the pet industry and has many claims to fame that are not just limited to teething rings. You can head over to Amazon and see for yourself how their products are highly rated, and there are so many people who have come to place their loyalty to the brand.

Features of the product

This chew toy encourages proper chewing habits while satisfying the urge to chew. Specially designed for actively chewing and teething puppies. It consists of Bristles that get raised during chewing, which may help in cleaning the puppy’s teeth as well as prevent the buildup of tartar. Available in an interesting combination of colors that is bound to catch the attention of your little doggie.

How can this product benefit you?

All puppies love to play games, either with themselves, with their owners, or with another puppy or dog. Playing with the puppy helps them stay fit as well as keeps them happy enough to grow into well-behaved adults. Since imbuing good manners is a must, you can get your puppy the Nylabone puppy teething rings to get started with training and help them develop proper chewing habits. Otherwise, they may just end up chewing valuable possessions in your home.

This chew toy is available in different sizes that you can choose according to the size of your furry friend and see how they bite and chew away to happiness. If you’ve been looking for a chew toy but constantly got disappointed with the reviews or given your puppy a chew toy for yourself only to find out it gets demolished in a few minutes, then it may be time to look at this teething ring that has fantastic reviews from over 950 customers on Amazon. Your puppy will love playing with this toy, and you’ll admire how well behaved and handsome the little tyke grows up to be.


• Attractive of this product color is sure to get your pup excited

• Help prevent buildup of tartar by offering excellent dental care

• Available in different sizes


• Teething rings may not be something every puppy likes to play with

Puppy Teething Toys - Rings

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3. Ruffians Rubber squeaker toy

Ruffians Rubber Teething Dog ToysCome on, who doesn’t like a squeaker toy? Often a favorite among babies, squeaker toys are also highly popular among puppies because they provide extra fun due to their squeaking sound. This product made by JE Pet offers some value for money as it combines the best of durability along with attractive animal shapes to pique the curiosity of your little love. This squeaker toy has been designed to prevent choking hazard and comes infused with extract of vanilla, so that your puppy can chew and Nip on it for countless hours without you having to worry about any harm.

Features of the product

This squeaky chew toy is rough and tough in quality, and it also comes with a bouncy feature to make for an ideal dog toy. It is available in many shapes such as chicken, fish, duck, octopus, etc. so that your puppy does not ever get bored with playing with the same toy. It is perfect for medium to large breeds and comes infused with vanilla extract that the little mutt will instantly fall in love with. JW Pet is renowned for making these toys and is a favorite of many dog owners with puppies of different breeds.

How can this product benefit you?

We all know how much puppies are playful and what they wouldn’t do to spend time with their owners or other puppies. But, as it so happens, we all have our responsibilities to take care of which may sometimes leave us with very little time to play with our puppies. Chew toys with the squeaking feature are perfect to satisfy a dog’s inborn desire to hunt for food and keep them busy for long periods. The Ruffians rubber squeaker toy takes the advantages up a notch and provides squeaking sound that your dog will absolutely love.

Your puppy will spend many hours playing with their new toy in your absence while you are free to do your day’s job comfortably without worrying about the safety and well-being of the puppy. The attractive animal shapes are a bonus, and each one is bound to arouse newfound curiosity inside of the mutt and encourage them to be more active. This product can also be used as a training device to groom your puppies into well-mannered adult dogs.


• Squeaks when a puppy bites it with enough force

• Available in different animal shapes like chicken, fish, and octopus

• Attractive colors make it an even more compelling purchase and add variety

• Can be used as a training tool


• Some puppies may not like the squeaking feature

Ruffians Rubber squeaker toy

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4. Petstages Orka Puppy Mini Bone

Teething Dog Toy Petstages ORKA Mini BonePetstages is another renowned pet toys manufacturing company that make different items for puppies. The chew toys made by the company are fantastic for teething dogs because they are durable and non-toxic. As a bonus, you can also stuff them with treats so that your puppy is overcome with happiness after the end of the chew session. This mini dog bone comes with floating and balancing features to add extra fun while taking care of oral health and promoting healthier chewing habits. It is a plush toy that can also be frozen and given to a puppy to soothe sore gums.

Features of the product                                                                                                                                                                                                              Get A Low Price on This Teething Toy

Simplicity is the USP of this chew toy as it comes in an attractive light blue color made of quality material. It can help your pup in reducing destructive behavior and keep them playful and happy throughout the day. The mini bone is a favorite of dogs that are less active in comparison to dogs that love the Orka Flyer or ball toys. This item has been thoughtfully designed to reflect the company’s motto and aims to improve self-awareness and confidence in your pet.

How can this product benefit you?

You undoubtedly considered buying dog bone chew toys because of their hardened durability, but why buy a product made by an inferior brand that may as well turn out to be harmful to your pet? The Petstages Orka Puppy Mini Bone has been made in the USA with quality materials that have been safely tested to ensure your pet remains safe. With this chew toy, you can imbue self-awareness and added self-esteem in your puppy so that they grow up to be active and healthy adults.

You can buy this bone chew toy in mini and large sizes according to your dog’s breed and size. No need to worry about pricing because this product is as cheap as it gets; also there is no need to worry about durability because Petstages assures that you get only the finest quality product regardless of the price.


• Resembles a bone that all puppies love to chew

• Has improved durability to last for many years

• It has been priced extremely low so that anyone can buy


• Choosing the right size is very important to ensure your dog can chew properly


5. Booda Fresh N’ Floss Rope Tug

Booda Fresh N’ Floss Rope TugThis item performs exactly as advertised and can help your puppy play tug of war. Aside from the playful factor, this chew toy consists of fluoride that is ideal to chew for puppies that are teething. The minty flavor is irresistible, and you’ll soon find your puppy spending all their time playing and chew on the product. This toy can also be frozen and then given to the puppy to provide relief to their puppy gums.

Features of the product

This is one of a kind rope toy that will not only provide countless hours of fun but will also give your dog is a fresh breath thanks to the minty flavor. It consists of real dental floss twisted with all natural cotton fibers. There is baking soda to control tartar and fight plaque. This chew toy is available in extra small to extra large sizes and is completely non-invasive to sensitive mouth and gums.

How can you benefit using this product?

With the Booda Fresh N’ Floss Rope Tug, you can put the days of worrying about your puppy’s dental health in the past. This chew toy is one of a kind and aims to provide countless hours of entertainment while taking complete dental care of the pup. There is no greater feeling than coming home to a healthy and happy puppy looking straight into your eyes and welcoming you back. This feeling can be yours forever if you buy your little love this chew toy that has been made with utmost care and consideration for your furry babies.

Plenty of chew toys promise dental health care but failed to deliver because of weak mechanism or low quality. There is no reason for you to worry anymore because this product has proved its purpose and is now trusted by thousands of dog owners around the world.

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• Has a myriad of dental health benefits

• It is extra fun to play with due to the rope -like shape

• Promotes healthy chewing habits and optimum dental care


• May get damaged easily if the puppy is overly aggressive in chewing habits