Toughchew Dog Bed with Polyester Fill by Orvis

The Toughchew Dog Bed is high quality and developed exclusively by Orvis for the aggressive chewing dog that has no limits. When your pooch loves chewing everything that belongs to them, you should consider this indestructible dog bed if you have the money to invest.

Getting Started With Toughchew Dog Bed Review – Product Specifications


  • Toughchew Dog Bed
  • Model Name: Toughchew Dog Bed with Polyester Fill by Orvis
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  • solid brass zipper to last longer
  • refund even if your dog chews it
  • cover is removable and washable
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Toughchew Dog Bed Details and Features

Simply put as the name suggests the ruffwear knot-a-collar dog collar is simply a dog collar. This however does not mean that this is just another ordinary dog collar because the design and features of this collar simply make it unique. Below are a few features that are not readily highlighted with the ruffwear knot-a-collar dog collar.

        • It’s not your typical dog bed. 

Orvis has exclusively developed the Toughchew Dog Bed by using some of the strongest fabric weaving technologies commercially available. The Toughchew Dog Bed utilizes two separate nylon weaves for the dog bed. These two different weaves combine to produce a cover that is durable and rip-resistant.

        • Technologically Advanced

The outer 1000-denier nylon microfiber fabric is super soft to the feel but has a high tensile strength which makes it resistant to the wear from abrasive actions. This is especially handy if your aggressive chewer is also an incessant digger.

The second innermost layer is made of 840-denier Ripstop nylon. Ripstop nylon is specially woven so that even should a rip or tear appear, it will not grow larger or spread easily through the rest of the fabric.

Toughchew Dog Bed by Orvis Colors


Currently they are offered in 3 colors.  Herringbone, Field Tartan, and Chocolate

The Good

It’s the fabric choices that Orvis has made which really makes this dog bed a tough chew for your canine friend.

1000-Denier nylon is a special nylon weave which is used by police, air, and sea rescue services for their rescue bags. The high quality fabric is durable to all sorts of environmental exposures and has a degree of waterproofness.

Due to this, it makes your Toughchew Dog Bed somewhat resistant to stains but also easily washed to remove dirt since it is not fully waterproof. We use the word “somewhat” because the fabric is not specifically designed to be stain resistant. A stain resistant fabric is typically treated with a stain-resisting chemical like Scotchgard or given a rubber coating.

No Chemicals

The Orvis Toughchew Dog Bed has no chemicals added to their fabrics to give them full stain proofing or waterproofing. It simply an accidental side benefit of the tight intricate weaves of the 1000 and 842-denier nylon that Orvis has chosen to use.

The Toughchew Dog Bed come in every size that you need so you can buy the appropriate bed for your dog’s crate or sleeping area. They start out with the small which is 28 inches by 18 inches and is suitable for dogs up to 40lbs. The sizes increase from there and goes all the way up to the X-Large which is 53 inches by 35 inches and can support dogs up to 120lbs.

Polyester Fill Easy Cleaning

Furthermore, Orvis has chosen to continue the theme of technologically advanced materials by choosing to fill the Toughchew Dog Bed with a woven Polyester Fill. The woven polyester fill ensures that the bed will keep its shape for years to come. The act of weaving the polyester fill grants the inner bed with a solid shape that normal polyester fills can’t grant. The woven fill means that the inner cushioning will not clump up, shift, or go flat which makes it a great plush bed for the dog who loves to make a nest.

The outer cover comes in multiple colors and is secured with an industrial brass zipper for durableness. This brass zipper makes the outer cover easy to put on and to pull off for easy cleaning and washings.

Lastly, Orvis is convinced that your Toughchew Dog Bed will last you for years, so they offer you a money back guarantee with no questions asked. Try out the Toughchew Dog Bed, even if your canine friend doesn’t like it you can return it easily as the Orvis Customer Service is well ranked for working with their customers in a timely fashion.

The Bad!

One of the most common complaints about the Orvis Toughchew Dog Bed is made by dog owners who have puppies.

We can’t fully verify this ourselves because all of our reviewers have full grown dogs. Also, since we don’t work for Orvis, we can’t get a real eye on the returned beds that were supposedly destroyed by these chew happy puppies. But, based on what we know of the fabric that Orvis uses and that it is puppies that are destroying beds, we can make some educated guesses.

Puppies have sharp little teeth and when they’re teething they are tenacious chewers. We think that it is because of puppies needle like teeth which allows them to get through the tight weave of the 1000-denier outer nylon covering. Their constant chewing is basically a death of a “hundred needle pricks” on the Toughchew Dog Bed. Adult dogs, with their larger and duller teeth, can’t do the same needle prick punctures that puppies can so this cycle of needling the fabric apart doesn’t take place.

Mostly For Adult Dogs

We think the Orvis Toughchew Dog Bed is not suitable for puppies in any form even when you think they’re past their chewing phase. The risk of choking and stomach blockages from a pup who chewed through their bed while you were at work, is just too large for us to say conclusively that it is safe for puppies.

The other problem we found with the Orvis Toughchew Dog Bed, is its brass zipper. It is high-quality durable brass, which means it will last you for years, but it also means that it can damage teeth. Particularly if your dog is the type that is attracted to shiny objects or has an obsession with chewing inappropriate materials.

We, personally, didn’t see any of our dogs focus on the zipper. However, one of us did find that their Dobermans’ chewing near the zipper. This caused there to be some wear where the zipper met the nylon. More worryingly, the zipper itself had moved down some. We think it’s entirely possible that if you leave this bed with your aggressive chewer that the outer cover will survive fine…but the interior fill will be all over your living room floor because the zipper came open.

I had another problem with the Toughchew Dog Bed. It has instructions and a two-day assembly time.

I didn’t realize this and I had a lot of fun watching my little Pomeranian jump onto the “bubble” of a bed and then roll off. Then I found the instructions; this is not a bed that you unwrap and throw into the crate. You will have to prepare the bed for a few days before your dog can sleep on it.

Pros Of The Ruffwear Knot-A-Collar Dog Collar: 

-Multiple Sizes for all types of dogs

-Multiple Color Choices

-Washable outer cover

-Microfiber for softness


-Solid Brass zipper for long life.

-Waterproof (to some degree)

-Stain Resistant (to a degree)

-No questions asked Refund



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A Few Toughchew Dog Bed Review Concerns


-Not safe for Puppies.

-2 day assembly time

-Zipper is too easy to move

-Price (It’s expensive)

Check This YouTube Video with Jack Russel Terriers Testing Out the Toughchew Dog Bed by Orvis





Things to Keep in Mind

Based on the materials that Orvis uses and the reported complaints of other customers; the Orvis Toughchew Dog Bed is not suitable for puppies. Adult dogs only.

You have to follow instructions in order to get the proper use out of it. This means you need to crack the zipper seam open to allow the bed to “breath” out its excess air that is inside of it during its manufacture. This takes a least two days before the bed is ready for your dog to use.

The 1000-denier outer nylon and 840-denier inner Ripstop nylon, work together to keep any rips from happening, but the zipper which secures it can come open easily. A simple bobby pin inserted behind the zipper should stop this from happening.

The zipper is very attractive to inquisitive dogs and small puppies. The exposed zipper flange is easy to use in order to remove the outer cover for cleaning but the consequence. The zipper can easily be manipulated and destroyed by your dog.

Keep an eye on them until you’re sure that they have no interest in the zipper as the brass is quite durable and could damage your dog’s teeth.

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If your dog manages to puncture the bed you should have the bed immediately replaced to avoid any choking hazards. Thankfully, Orvis has excellent customer service that is highly ranked for speedy refunds and replacements.  We hope you enjoyed our Toughchew Dog Bed with Polyester Fill by Orvis Review!

Toughchew Dog Bed with Polyester Fill by Orvis

Toughchew Dog Bed

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Toughchew Dog Bed with Polyester Fill by Orvis

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