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Dog owners are familiar with the importance of having a collar around his or her pet’s neck. Personally, I testify that having a dog needs added care for it. The purchase of the Auburn Tuff Stuff collar for my dog was the wisest decision I have ever made for it. A great collar comes in handy.

The Auburn Tuff Stuff collar can be used for various activities. It helps prevents your dog from roaming around when you set your eyes on it. Buying a collar for your dog is crucial. Sadly, most dog owners have no stable and reliable information on what to go for when they are out shopping for collars.

Getting Started With Ruffwear Knot-a-Collar Review – Product Specifications

  • Auburn Tuff Stuff Collar
  • Model Name: Tuff Stuff Collar by Auburn
  • Dealer’s Official Website:
  • Description: Auburn Tuff Stuff Collar Reviews
  • Collar is 2 inches wide
  • Constructed of extra thick latigo leather
  • Edges are beveled and hand polished to assure comfort
  • Current Auburn Tuff Stuff Collarr Price: $20.50 – $54.00 (cost may vary with no notification)
  • Where To Buy Auburn Tuff Stuff Collar: The Auburn Tuff Stuff Collar is available here –  Click Here to Purchase

Auburn Tuff Stuff Collar Details and Features

        • An extended Dee ring pattern 

The rugged nature of the Auburn Tuff Stuff collars provides extra strength despite them being indestructible. The extension allows you to fit the collar loosely or in a much more comfortable manner. The fact that the collar comes in different sizes also gives you an allowance for tethering your dog without it being irritated. The Dee ring is strong enough, and it ensures that the collar remains buckled up throughout the day.

        • Extra thick full grain latigo leather

This feature assures s you that the collar can withstand robust uses. Besides, a heavy-duty nickel-plated Dee ring is included as well as a tough roller buckle that consists of a tuck loop keeper. The leather is the most durable material that is used in the manufacture of dog collars. It is also comfortable and durable. Compared to other materials, which have a weary look, this latigo leather is affordable and versatile.

        • Handcrafted

It reaches a point that you trust a collar with your dog’s life. A handcrafted collar offers complete surety that your pet will be comfortable all through the day. The fact that the edges of the Auburn Tuff Stuff collar are handmade ensures that your dog remains comfortable throughout the day. Whether you aim to take your dog for a walk or just need a collar for it, then a handmade collar will suit you. These collars are stitched professionally in the USA. This, therefore, promises extreme satisfaction.

        • Smooth capped rivets

With the ruffwear knot-a-collar dog collar the constant jiggling sound that is normally associated with dog collars is completely eliminated. This is due to the silicone tag silencer that has been incorporated in the design that ensures that annoying sounds that we all have been accustomed is no longer an issue.

        • Comes in neutral colors

Selecting a collar color that compliments your dog is not quite easy. Besides, what appeals to you might not appeal to your dog. The tricky part is to find a collar that matches your dog’s coat. The Auburn Tuff Stuff collar comes in black and burgundy colors. Most dogs fall into the category of black, gray and white, which are regarded as neutral colors.

I purchased a black collar for my dog because it is of a gray coat. The collar is visible and well merges with my dogs color. Therefore, it is wise to go for a collar with a neutral color. The collar will readily blend with your dog’s coat.


Auvurn Tuff Stuff Collar - Colors


Currently they are offered in 3 colors offered. Burgundy, Black, Pink

Pros Of The Auburn Tuff Stuff Collar: 

Comes in different sizes
They are hand crafted to assure comfortability
The latigo leather material allows it to be durable
They are extremely strong
Available in beautiful colors
Exquisite design
No soreness on the hand during use


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A Few Auburn Tuff Stuff Collar Review Concerns


Well as expected no manufactured product is really perfect in itself however this is not the case with this collar. Most users of the Auburn Tuff Stuff Collar have found delivery is not on schedule and it takes a little more time to reach the desired destination. Nevertheless considering that the collar in itself is simply flawless, this is not really a reason not to invest in it.

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Evidently, tuff stuff dog collars are manufactured from the leather material, which offers a firm and comfortable grip to the dog and owner/handler. I am happy to say that since the purchase of the Auburn Tuff Stuff collar for my dog, I have never felt any presence of soreness on my hands that moist likely come as a result of continuous pulling. The inner material provides a strong and long lasting lead. The collar is also hand crafted to ensure ease of washing or cleaning and also, the embroidery employed in their making is extremely colorful.

In these collars, soft tactile webbing is initiated to offer hard harnesses. Also, snap fasteners are included and are designed in a way that they are resistant to moisture absorption. This fact, therefore, enables them to be tougher compared to other counterparts. Another advantage that accompanies the Auburn Tuff Stuff collar is that you as the dog owner can decide to pair up the collar with different town leashes for a more fulfilling result especially for larger dog breeds and mid-sized ones.

Having taken you through the facts about the Auburn Tuff Stuff collar, it is with no doubt that; it will be the perfect fit for your dog. The variety of sizes quickly helps you choose a particular length for your pet, therefore, no compromise. Depending on your dog’s lifestyle, and the above guidelines, you will be sure to fall in love with this collar since it comes with a posh and a decorative look, hence making a statement.

For dog owners that might be uncertain about the size of their dog’s necks, there is a simple way to how to go about it. By use of a piece of cloth or even a string, tie it around your dog’s neck but not too tight, let it be snug. Then add one to two inches to your result. That measurement will help you get the perfect collar size or your dog.

This manufacturing company is well known for its proficiency in making quality products that are incorporated with state-of-the-art materials. On a daily basis, you dress up elegantly; there is no reason whatsoever as to why you should not be proud of making your pet look great. Make the Auburn Tuff Stuff collar a part of your dog’s identity and let him own it entirely.  We hope you enjoyed our Auburn Tuff Stuff Collar Review!

Auburn Tuff Stuff Dog Collar

Tuff Stuff Collar

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Auburn Tuff Stuff Collar
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