Cruising Companion Dog Cage

Do you own a dog? One of the most essential things that every dog owner needs is a cage. Dog cage is simply a rectangular enclosure that comprises of a door and top. Dog cages are designed with various materials including metal, fiber, plastic and wire just to mention a few of them. In addition, they come in different sizes meant to fit different types of dogs in our homes. Most manufacturers design them in such a way that they replicate a natural den in order to provide the pet with an ideal place of refuge when you are moving out or taking them to any destination. With lots of brands on the market, choosing one of the best dog cage for your pet can be one of the toughest tasks especially if it is your first time searching. There are things you need to take into account if at all you want to get a product worth your money. It does not make sense to buy the first cage you find on the market simply because it looks cheaper than you thought. Some of the important aspects you should look at when shopping for a dog cage include cost, durability, color, style, design and portability among others. After looking at all those aspects we have outlined above, one of the best products that will rarely disappoint is cruising companion dog cage. The price and features of this cage makes it worth consideration.

Getting Started With  Cruising Companion Dog Cage Review – Product Specifications

  • Cruising Companion Dog Cage
  • Model Name: Cruising Companion Empire II Pet Cage
  • Description: Cruising Companion Dog Cage Reviews
  • Product Dimensions: 39 x 32.5 x 9 inches ; 91.5 pounds
  • Rust-resistant and durable
  • Tough heavy duty welding and two door latches
  • Finished with high grade long lasting hammertone
  • Where To Buy  Cruising Companion Dog Cage:  Cruising Companion Dog Cage is available through their site

Cruising Companion Dog Cage Details and Features

        • The cage has indestructible heavy duty welds and dual door latches that you can you to lock the cage so that your pet does not move out
          Features long lasting and high grade hammer tone finish that makes it aesthetically appealing
          Highly rust resistant and durable cage 
          Designed for dogs that keep clawing and chewing cages to walk out
          The cage has four easily removable locking casters that enhance on its portability Available in tan color making a wonderful addition to any home
          Dimensionally, the cage is 9.3” x 40.30 x 44.00(height x width x length) respectively and weighs 106.95 pounds only making it easy to move with it from one location to another.

Cruising Companion Dog Cage Pros: 

Highly portable because of removable locking casters that accompany it
Rust resistant thereby allowing you to use under different conditions

Durable such that will take you through many years without breakdowns
Aesthetically appealing, thanks to the hammer tone finish
Suits different dogs

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Only sold in tan color

Check This YouTube Video on a Dog Chewing Through his Cage

What Others Are Saying:

Consumer reviews
Consumer 1

After buying the cage, I can now leave my dog behind without fear that she will find her way out even if she spent the whole day trying to chew it. The hammer tone finish is yet another thing that impressed me to the point of ordering for this cage last month. I should have ordered for this cage instead of throwing away money other three cages I had before I knew about the existence of cruising companion dog cage on the market
Consumer 2
Cruising companion dog cage is just one in its own class. The cage looks nice and the removable locking casters make it so simple to move it when transporting my dog. I shopped for the cage three months ago and it still looks new
Consumer 3
If I were to shop for another steel cage any soon, I would still go for cruising companion dog cage. The cage is unique and strong enough to take care of a stubborn dog. After spending sleepless nights wondering how to transport my dog, I thank one of my friends who told me about this amazing product. From the prices to the features, this is the best buy I have ever made in my life.


In conclusion, cruising companion dog cage is a perfect cage that any dog owner should consider buying for his lovely pet. The firm and durable cage is ideal for tough dogs that can claw and chew to find a way of their cages when you are not around or at night. The cage comes with a hammer tone finish making it more appealing to any homeowner who wants something that will accommodate their pet for years. There is no need to walk all over the streets looking for the cage when you can place an order for the same right from the comfort of your couch without going through any hassle. Online stores provide you with more pocket friendly prices as compared to the local stores. Moreover, do not waste your hard money on other cages when cruising companion dog cage can take you through many years without frequent cases of breakdowns..  We hope you enjoyed our  Cruising Companion Dog Cage Review!

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