Top 5 Indestructible Dog Beds

Looking for Indestructible Dog Beds?

There are many reasons for getting your dog an indestructible dog bed and none of those reasons are to spoil your pooch. A dog bed serves as an important tool for the health, safety, training and happiness of your four-legged best friend.

It’s Cold Outside

A dog can sleep on the floor without a bed. So can we, but it’s not very comfortable and if you’ve ever spent the night on your living room floor or outside in a thin sleeping bag, you know just how cold it can get.

The floors and outside ground where our dogs typically sleep don’t retain heat for very long. This means that even in the height of summer, the ground outside is only warm for so long at night before it becomes downright chilly. A dog bed insulates your best friend from the cold ground and chilly floors of your house; allowing them to get a better rest.

Image Product Name Rating Price
Indestructible Dog Toys -k9 original
K9 Ballistics Tough Bed
4 Star Rating Buy Here
Indestructible Dog Beds - Kuranda
Kuranda PVC Chewproof Dog Bed
5 Star Rating Buy Here
Indestructible Dog Beds - Slumber
Tough Dog Bed by Slumber Pet
3 Star Rating Buy Here
Indestructible Dog Toys -goDog
goDog Bed Bolster with Chew Guarding Technology
3 Star Rating Buy Here
Indestructible Dog Toys -k9 ortho
K9 Ballistics Microfiber Orthopedic Bed
4.5 Star Rating Buy Here

Beauty Rest is Important

Whether it’s from a hard day of playing or because your dog is getting on in the years; a solid well-cushioned bed will give your dog’s body a comfortable place to heal and recuperate.

When your dog is better rested, they are not just mentally happy and energized when they wake up. They are also physically healthier. Sleep gives dogs the same benefits that it gives us; it’s a time for their mind to recharge and time for their body to heal up.

Joint and bone problems are common with older dogs, which makes getting them a bed just a considerate thing to do to help them rest comfortably. One of the ways that your dog develops joint and bone problems is from their repetitive jumping up and off of the furniture.

This wears down the joints and bones over the years even if you have a large breed dog who doesn’t have as far to jump as a Pug. By giving your dog his own indestructible dog bed as a puppy, you will limit the amount of jumping that they will be doing throughout their lifetime.

A Clean Dog is a Happy Dog

Over their lifetime, your dog is going to be an active member of your family. This means they are going to need constant training and constant cleaning. When you give your dog their own bed, you give them their own private space that belongs to them. A place they can go when you are doing positive corrective training.

When a dog sleeps wherever they want they begin to claim the entire house as theirs, rather than it belonging to you. By introducing a bed you give them their own place and you limit the spread of dog hair, dog odor, and dander.

When you start searching for a good dog bed, you’re going to find that they come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. It can be overwhelming and we’ve made a few selections to give you the basic idea of what sorts of dog beds you will have to choose from.

Top 5 Indestructible Dog Beds

Indestructible Dog Beds

K9 Ballistics Tough Bed

Made by K9 Ballistics, the Tough Bed is designed with light and moderate chewers in mind. The Ripstop Ballistic Nylon is rated at 1680-denier which makes it highly resistant to chewing and scratching. While also being easily cleaned with a quick wipe down or machine wash to get rid of dirt, hair, and odor.

Kuranda Indestructible Dog Bed

Kuranda PVC Chewproof Dog Bed

The Kuranda PVC Chewproof Dog Bed is used by vets and shelters all across the country for their ability to resist all types of chewers and their ease to clean. They are rated to carry as much as 125lbs so no matter how big or small your aggressive chewer is, they will find the Kuranda PVC Chewproof Dog Bed to be far too tough for them to tear apart.

Toughchew Dog Bed with Polyester Fill by Orvis

Orvis Toughchew Dog Bed with Polyester Fill

The Orvis Toughchew Dog Bed is one of the most expensive dog beds on the market but that cost is paid out in their No Question Asked refund or replacement policy that comes with the life of your Toughchew Dog Bed. The Toughchew Dog Bed is made with two types of Ripstop Ballistic Nylon which will give you twice the amount of protection as any other bed; the woven polyester fill keeps these beds plump and in their manufactured state for years to come.

Dog Gone Smart Pet Products Repelz-It Ninja Bed

Dog Gone Smart Pet Products Repelz-It Ninja Bed

The Repelz-It Ninja Bed is for the dog owner who wants not only an indestructible dog bed but also a dog bed which is easy to clean up. The Repelz-It Nanoprotection technology that Dog Gone Smart Pet Products uses, protects the fabric of your Ninja Bed from all of the dirty environments that your outside dog can into. It is machine washable and the protective coating will last for up to 50 washes giving your Ninja Dog Bed a four-year life span.

Tough Dog Bed by Slumber Pet

Tough Dog Bed by Slumber Pet

Slumber Pet’s Tough Dog Bed is the cheaper version of the Repelz-It.  Slumber Pet uses traditional fabric protection coatings like Teflon and Scotchgard to give your dog bed the same amount of protection as you can receive from the Repelz-It Ninja Bed. Made from high-quality nylon and stuffed with a polyfill similar to bed pillows; the Tough Dog Bed is a less expensive option when dirt and filth are a bigger concern than chewing.

You’re going to want to pay attention to the following things


Since a dog bed should be as big as your dog crate or just big enough for your dog to comfortably lay on. Different dog bed manufacturers have different sizes: what is a large for one brand is a medium in a different brand. So you should pay more attention to the actual measurements of the dog beds than their general “small, medium, large” designation.

You can use your dog crate to get an idea of how wide and long your dog’s bed should be. But if you don’t use crate training, you’re going to have to measure out your dog’s sleeping position from head to rump and then spine to foot. This will just give you a general idea. It is a good idea to add a few inches to both these measurements to make sure your dog has plenty of room to rest.

Sleeping Habits

Does your dog sleep in a tight little curl? Or do they stretch out on their stomach with their legs splayed out like a flattened cartoon coyote? Something in between? Do they like putting their head up on a pillow or the arm of the couch? Or do they like to hang it off the edge of the chair?

Dog beds come in a lot of shapes that can mimic your dog’s favorite sleeping spot. Observe your dog for a few days and take note of what position they sleep in the longest. Then use this position to find an indestructible dog bed that allows them to take that same position.


Even if you’re only buying a dog bed to spoil your favorite pooch, you need to careful in considering where you are going to place it.

You want your dog to actually use their dog bed, so carefully consider where you’re going to place it. Avoid high traffic area’s where there is a lot of activity in the house or in the yard. A, private, removed place is best, where they won’t be disturbed and will feel comfortable in laying down to sleep.

Their dog house or indoor crate is a great place to start if you have either of these to use.

Proper Materials

The proper materials will keep your indestructible dog bed lasting and your dog happy.

The proper materials are going to be easy to clean with a warm soapy washcloth or machine washable. This is particularly important when it comes to the exterior surfaces. The outer covers should be easy to remove for washing and made of a nylon blend for increased durability.

If you four legged best friend is a heavy shedder, a poly or cotton blend outer cover is far better. The cotton blends make hair and fur easy to remove with just a sticky tape roller; some can even be cleaned of hair with just a simple wipe down with a warm rag.

The weight of your dog is going to be the determining factor in what you want the bed filled with. High-density foam and a thick padding is more important for heavy dogs because the materials will avoid separating and creating “pockets” that put your dog right onto the floor. Lighter dogs can get away with a thinner material such as egg crate or polyfill.

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose the expensive Orvis or the budget-friendly Slumber Pet, the most important thing is that your dog likes their new bed. If you’ve never used a dog bed before your dog might not want to use it at all. Which is okay because dogs have their likes and dislikes, but when you are choosing to use a dog bed for your dog’s health, you can encourage them to use it with some simple tricks.

Cover the bed with something which smells of their normal sleeping place. If they sleep on your bed, put a pillow or blanket on the new dog bed.

Therefore use positive reinforcement training. By using treats and happy belly rubs, reward your dog every time they get on the bed without letting them get off of it.

Store their favorite toy on the bed. While it’s always a good idea to keep toys safely stowed away when you have an aggressive chewer, in this instance using the toy and the bed together can help you to teach your dog that the bed is theirs as much as the toy is.