Top 5 Indestructible Dog Collars

Every dog owner knows how important it is to have a collar around his/her dog’s neck. But in most cases, many are overwhelmed when choosing the best indestructible dog collars for their dog. Many dog owners focus on the color of the collar and the size, and they tend to overlook other features that matters a lot, things like the safety of their dog, comfort and, of course, the dog attribute. If your dog is tough, huge and rough, you need a collar that is sturdy durable or simply indestructible.

Tough Collar Need

Sure, you can buy any old dog collar for your favorite puppy, but with so many high quality options, why settle for anything less than the best? We understand that it can be difficult to know which collar is the most suited choice for your dog. Do you consider things like the color of it, the size of it, how comfortable it is for you puppy, safety features and other attributes that set each dog collar on the market apart? If you’re a little lost on where to begin your search, you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Indestructible Dog Toys, we like products that last. This means collars that can withstand heavy strain and excessive chewing. We are going to discuss the top 5 indestructible dog collars, so you can pick the perfect one for your puppy.

Most popular Top 5 Indestructible Dog Collars

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LupinePet Adjustable Dog Collar

LupinePet Adjustable Dog Collar

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2 Ruffwear Crag Collar

Ruffwear Crag Collar

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3 Kong Paracord Reflective Dog Collar

Kong Paracord Reflective Dog Collar

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4 Ruffwear Knot-a-Collar

Ruffwear Knot-a-Collar

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5 Tactical K9 Military Dog Collar

Tactical K9 Military Dog Collar

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5 Best Indestructible Dog Collars Review

  • Indestructible Dog Collars - LupineLupinePet Adjustable Dog Collar

First on the list, we have the LupinePet Adjustable Dog Collar. Unlike the typical collar associated with the idea of being indestructible, the LupinePet Adjustable Dog Collar is made of a woven nylon material. It is not literally indestructible in a physically sense, but could be if you look at it from the perspective of the 100% manufacturer guarantee. That means, you can keep replacing this comfortable and easy to use dog collar. Essentially, this is a standard dog collar that will perform as expected when taking your dog for a walk.

LupinePet Pros:

As mentioned, this adjustable dog collar comes with a 100% manufacturer guarantee. This even includes those unfortunate instances when you find the collar chewed to shreds. We recommend contacting the manufacturer directly to complete this hassle-free process. There exists claims from past customers who have done so easily. Next, the classic buckle fastener makes it very easy to clip the collar on and off for the convenience of you and your puppy. Now you won’t have to worry about struggling with difficult fasteners like those belt buckle style closures. It also comes at a low price point, giving this collar extreme value when paired with its ease of use and replacement guarantee.

LupinePet Cons:

Given its nylon material, this collar is stated by the manufacturer as not being recommended for tie outs, especially when your dog is unmonitored. Unfortunately, the nylon can be chewed by your puppy or another dog. Though, this would require them to wiggle their way to a position where they could actually chew the collar, which would be difficult. The other instance, would be if another dog chewed it for them. However, if the collar is fit snugly around your dog’s neck as it should be, then this type of situation is rare at best. The other popular concern among this collar is that the colors are very vibrant, so it tends to bleed onto the fur of light colored dogs when the material gets wet. Eventually, the color begins to fade if that is a concern to you.

  • Indestructible Dog Collars -Ruffwear Crag CollarRuffwear Crag Collar

The next indestructible dog collar on the list is the Ruffwear Crag Collar. It features an all new talon closure system that displays Ruffwear’s two cornerstone traits of modern design and reliable durability. Although its nylon material appears to look like a standard dog collar much like the LupinePet model, this one has all the upgraded features. The nylon itself features a Tubelok webbing for added sturdiness, as well as metal fastenings instead of the typical plastic ones.

Crag Collar Pros:

The most noticeable feature is the talon hook closure system. At first glance, it results in mixed opinions that eventually become positive after testing the collar out. Removing any need for buckles or straps, you can simply hook the fabric loop around the hook and you’ll be good to go. Some dog owners have reported struggles of securing the loop around the hook, but others have said that if you watch the demonstration video on the company’s website, then you should have no issue doing so.

For an indestructible collar, it is also very lightweight compared to other models that are bulky and heavy. This provides a more comfortable experience for your dog without sacrificing performance. The cherry on top comes in the form of a rubber tag silencer. No longer will you and your puppy have to listen to the constant jingling of tags for every move they make.

Crag Collar Cons:

Despite all of its key features, there have been reports of some collars arriving with hooks that are too wide, or loops that are too small. The occurrence of these reports have been confirmed by the manufacturer in which they send a fully functional replacement collar. Unfortunately, if you don’t check the functionality of your collar before the first use, it could result in your dog coming free from the collar. Another issue is with the piece where the tag hook is fastened to, since it does not always seem to be attached to the collar as well as it could be.

  • Tactical K9 Military Dog CollarM1-K9 Tough Military Dog Collar

The M1-K9 Tough Military Dog Collar will have your dog looking like they’re ready to be on the frontlines. True to its nature, this collar is indestructible. We would hope so since it is made from a military grade material that is meant to withstand heavy use. It is the perfect collar for large breed dogs providing both style and performance. Take your dog for a stroll and see for yourself.

Military Collar Pros:

The truly heavy duty nature of this collar is most notable at first glance. Between the heavy duty material used in the collar itself and the metal fasteners, you won’t have to worry about your dog chewing through this one. It is also very thick around the neck of your dog which provides lots of control for you. This will help to even out the playing field for those of you dog walkers with huge breeds that give you a run for your money. There’s even an option to add a removable pouch for your convenience.

Military Collar Cons:

Despite its truly indestructible nature, the collar is fastened with a bulky plastic buckle raising some concern among customers. Based on other dog’s experiences, this collar is recommended for breeds that weigh at least 100 pounds. Otherwise, your puppy may experience some discomfort when trying to support this massive collar.

  • Ruffwear Knot-a-CollarRuffwear Knot-A-Collar Dog Collar

Coming up at second last on our list is the uniquely designed Ruffwear Knot-A-Collar Dog Collar. The collar is made using ropes and metal attachment points. Basically, this collar utilizes two fisherman knots that allow you to adjust the size of the collar. These are attached to two metal pieces at each end. One contains the tag clip and the other is for the leash to be clipped on. This unique looking collar will have your puppy looking good while feeling even better.

Knot-a-collar Pros:

The most prominent feature of this collar is the comfort gained from the rope material used in its construction. This allows the collar to sit nicely in the fur of your dog. Not only that, but it helps to avoid any matted fur or excessive rubbing that leads to bald spots. So if either of those are issues when using collars on your dog, you can now rest easy. The rope collar has been designed with two fisherman knots that allow for easy adjusting of the collar, even while it’s on your dog’s neck.

You won’t have to take it off and struggle with the adjustable clips found on typical dog collars. Simply slide the knot forward or backward to adjust the tightness of the collar. Lastly, for those of you who enjoy walking in the nighttime, you will love the reflective quality in the stitching. No matter how dark it is, you can always keep an eye on your dog.

Knot-a-collar Cons:

Unfortunately, the comfort and convenience of the collar’s rope structure comes at a cost. It has been reported by pet owners that the knots seem to loosen with the collar throughout the day. Some say that the collar just needs time to wear in, but this could still cause issues until then if you are not prepared. Many customers are a fan of the comfort from this collar, but say they would recommend using it in addition to another apparatus such as a harness. Especially in the case that the collar was to come loose, your dog may be able to angle its teeth and chew through this collar. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

  • Kong Paracord Reflective Dog CollarKong Paracord Tough Dog Collar

Concluding this list of the best indestructible dog collars we have the Kong Paracord Tough Dog Collar. Unique in its design, this collar features a paracord pattern along the front throat section. It extends into a standard nylon webbing collar with an adjustable belt buckle fastener and separate D-ring to attach the leash. Another collar with a unique design that boasts style and comfort in its own way.

Kong Paracord Pros:

The design of this collar is meant to be indestructible. The paracord pattern is strategically placed at the front of the collar in case your dog finds a way to chew it while on a leash. This will save you the worry of wondering whether your dog can chew through another collar you’re trying out. Again, this collar is a favorite among those nighttime walkers, as it is constructed with reflective stitching so you can always keep an eye on your puppy – even at night.

Kong Paracord Cons:

One of the main concerns with the Kong Paracord Tough Dog Collar is that some pet owners find it to stretch out after heavy use. Of course this is a concern, especially if it stretches too much that your dog can escape. So although they won’t be able to chew through it, keep an eye on how tight this collar fits. If you find that it stretches, simply fasten it another loop tighter to keep it snug.


So there you have it, our list of the Top 5 Indestructible Dog Collars for you and your puppy. Make sure you pick the indestructible dog collar that is best suited to the needs of you and your best friend.