Top 5 Indestructible Dog Crates

Choosing the Right Indestructible Dog Crate

It’s not a Prison, It’s Scruffy’s Bedroom

“It’s cruel to lock your dog up in a cage.”

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard that or seen sentiments like it on the internet. I think the main reason that dog owners think this is that most dog crates have metal bars along their sides. Metal bars are almost synonymous with jail thanks to the early popularity of western flicks and police procedurals TV Shows in our culture but when it comes to dog crates? It’s important to not think of them as little prisons for your four legged friend. You shouldn’t look at the dog crate as something you might be in and instead, look at it as a small animal does.

It is not cruel to provide your dog with an indestructible dog crate and no one who is seriously involved in dog training will say that dog crates will harm your dog.

It’s your dog’s sanctuary.

Every year we hear around the Fourth of July we know that the sound of fireworks tends to frighten dogs. We’re told frequently to make sure they are inside to keep them from escaping our yards but where does your dog go when they’re frightened? They tend to hide: under the bed, in the closet, behind the couch. They seek out small enclosed places to feel safe because all those cramped walls around them reassure them that some big bad predator can’t come at them.

When thunderstorms strike, many dogs end up squeezing themselves into impossibly small spaces in order to feel safe. When mama dogs get ready to give birth, they find a small dark place because it satisfies their primal instincts to protect their young from predators.

Your dog crate is that safe place for them. Despite their metal bars saying to us that it’s a mini-prison, your four-legged friend see’s it as a small cave that keeps them protected. As long as you use the crate appropriately that is. If you don’t utilize a dog crate in a positive fashion they will see it as a negative space to be avoided. It’s all up to how you handle them with the crate on whether or not they have their own personal safe bedroom or a place of punishment.

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It takes proper crate training.

Every dog needs training. It’s just a fact of life when you own a dog. It doesn’t need to be a rough or grueling experience. Your first step is choosing an indestructible dog crate that is the right size for your dog, is comfortable, and inviting for them.

The properly sized dog crate will allow your dog to lay on her side and stretched her legs out completely. It should be no bigger or smaller than that. Then make the dog crate comfortable for them with blankets or towel which smell like both you and them. This will encourage them to see this place as their own private bedroom and you can help that by draping a blanket over it at night once they’ve become comfortable with the crate.

Once you’ve chosen the properly sized indestructible dog crate and filled it with simple items that will help your dog think of it as theirs. You need to train them to use it. Unfortunately, you need to train your dog in everything except for eating and for some us we have to train them on how to do that. You need to house train them to keep your home free of bathroom accidents, to keep them from chewing on your shoes, to keep them from jumping on guests, or barking or getting into the garbage. You’ll need to train your dog to use their indestructible dog crate, to see it as a positive place that belongs to them and once you do you will be able to use the crate to train them all other areas they need training in.

One of the best ways to train your dog to use their crate is when they are still a puppy and haven’t been housebroken yet because you train them in both aspects: enjoying their dog crate and when to go to the bathroom. Starting when they are a puppy, you crate them up at night in a small crate close to the door that leads to where you want them to potty outside. Dogs are very much like us in that they don’t want to potty where they are sleeping so they’ll work to control their bladders until you let them out. In the morning, open the door to the outside and immediately usher your puppy outside to go potty.

When you dog is older it can be harder to train them to the crate unless you can make it a positive rewarding experience. The best way to do this is by having an indestructible dog toy which can be stuffed with their favorite food treats, like Kong or Ruffwear Toys. Leave the crate door wide open and remove anything which may be covering it. You want the dog to see the crate first for what it is, just a small confined area, but you don’t want them to see is threatening. If you drape a blanket over the crate when first introducing it, they may see it as a dark place which is hiding dangers and will be shy to enter it.

Show the indestructible dog toy to your dog, let them know that there are treats in it, and then put the toy all the way into the back of the crate. Every time they bring the toy out to chew, pick the toy up and put it back into the crate. Repeat this until your dog lays down in the indestructible dog crate until they lay down to enjoy their treat. At this point, you want to pet and reward your dog with physical affection that keeps them in the crate. When your four-legged friend is fully focused on his toy, go ahead and close the crate door bit by bit, letting them relax for each bit of movement.

Training an older dog who has never been crated before can take a lot of work because they’ve been used to having the whole house and yard as their “bedroom” but once you do, you will be able to use the indestructible dog crate for all of your training and management needs.


Sometimes your dog needs a time-out.

Since you’re here at Indestructible Dog Toys, I’m going to assume you have a dog which needs toys and equipment that can withstand a lot of abuse and use. Either because they are an aggressive chewer or just because you like the peace of mind of having products that will last you for years; indestructible dog crates are a long term investment in managing your dog.

Once you’ve trained him to see the crate as his, you can use it for more than just a bed, training equipment, and safe place. It can be used as a management tool for your dog in response to negative behavior and you can do this without provoking the dreaded “crate-hate”.

Do they jump on guests? Beg at the table during meals? Bark at the mailman? Escape the yard?

The dog crate can help you to avoid these behaviors without your best friend rejecting their crate. Think of it as a Time Out that we do with our kids; when our kids act out we tend to send them to their rooms for awhile. This not only immediately stops rule breaking but it gives your kid a place to relax, calm down, and return to a more compliant mindset. While also giving you a break to calm down yourself and have some time to think about how to enforce the rules without anger.

To avoid making your dog hate her crate, make sure you don’t give them negative reinforcement while they are inside of it. When Fido has jumped on your mother and knocked over your favorite vase, send them to their crate but don’t hang out there or scold him while he’s there.

How Long is Too Long?

This all depends on how big your dog is, how much energy they have, and how much energy they are able to burn off. When crating your dog you should think of this as a time where they are recharging their battery; the longer you keep them in the more energy they will have when they come out. This can sabotage your aims of using the crate to train and manage your dog’s bad behaviors because that high energy can cause them to fall back into their bad habits. Regardless of how big your dog is, make sure they are well exercised before and after their time in their indestructible dog crate.

Most adult dogs can typically handle an entire night in a crate if they are well exercised and half a day. Puppies really shouldn’t be in the crate for more than four hours because at this age it is vitally important for them to be fully socialized. While it may be tempting to just put your puppy in his crate so you don’t have to deal with the messes or misbehavior, you should work hard against that temptation. A dog who is not socialized and been managed with just stuffing them into a dog crate, will leave that crate with no social skills, bored nervous energy and be a hundred times more difficult to train.

Top 5 Indestructible Dog Crate Reviews

1. ProSelect Empire Cages

Pro Select Indestructible Dog CratesProSelect Empire Dog Cage is a top quality, indestructible dog crate that is designed to offer your dog a safe and secure den. Available in both medium and large sizes, the crate is designed to safely and securely contain even large and aggressive dogs that have the habit of breaking out of crates. It is manufactured using top quality stainless steel and iron material, which are combined together to give a sturdy and durable build. The crate also comes with an easy entry front side door, which you can easily secure using a two latch system.
Key features

1) Heavy duty build
ProSelect Empire Dog Cage is built using highly durable stainless steel bars that are strongly welded to the crates frame, which makes sure that the dog cannot chew or claw them. The frame is also made using premium 20-gauge stainless steel, and it is reinforced with steel tubes for increased strength and stability. sa

2) Long-lasting, rust-resistant finish
The crate is coated with a highly durable, rust resistant powder, which protects the cage from rust and corrosion. The finish also gives the crate a stylish and classy appearance.

3) Dual latch system
The crate comes with a dual latching system, which features two latches that provide secure and safe locking. This feature is ideal for strong dogs with aggressive behavior, as it makes it impossible for them to break open the door.

4) Removable tray
ProSelect Empire Dog Cage is also fitted with a removable tray at the bottom of the crate, which prevents leaking of the dog waste on your floors. It also helps to lessen your work when cleaning the crate.


– It is highly durable and perfect for large strong dogs
– The rust-resistant materials and finish adds to the durability of the crate
– The dual latch system provides a secure locking
– It is very easy to clean and maintain


– The latches are prone to falling off, which can then release the dog
– The crate is shipped as parts, and thus it requires assembly at home

3. SmithBuilt – Heavy Duty 2 Door Dog Cage with Metal Tray Pan

Smith Built Indestructible Dog CratesSmithBuilt Built Tough with 2 Doors & Metal Tray is another top product you should consider when you are looking for an indestructible dog crate. It is a large, spacious crate that is perfect for containing large, strong dogs that can easily break out of crates. It is designed using premium quality, rust-resistant stainless steel bars, which are strongly welded to the crate’s frame for increased stability. The crate is equipped with two doors, one at the top and one at the side, which provides you with easy access when removing your dog, or when you want to clean the crate.

Key features
1) Superior construction
The SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Cage comes with a superior construction, and it is made using stainless steel bars, which are strongly welded to the crate’s frame making it impossible for your dog to break it. The materials used to make the crate are also highly resistant to rust and corrosion, which increases the durability and lifetime of the crate.

2) Rust-resistant floor
Just like the rest of the crate, the bottom is made using rust and corrosion resistant material, which prevents damage as a result of the dog waste. The crate is also fitted with a removable tray, where the waste collects. This is a very convenient feature, which makes it easy for you to clean the crate.

3) Four rolling coasters
The cage comes with four rolling coasters, which turns it into a portable dog cage, allowing you to move it easily. Two of the rolling coasters can be locked, which prevents the movement of the crate once you lock your dog inside it.

4) Two doors
The SmithBuilt Dog Crate comes with two doors, one front door at the side and another door at the top. The dual door feature provides you with easy access to the crate when feeding your dog and when cleaning the crate. It is also a very convenient feature when removing your dog, especially if it does not like coming out of the crate.


– It is highly durable
– The rolling coasters helps to increase its portability
– It comes with slider bolt latches that provide safe and secure locking
– It is very easy to clean and maintain


– While the latches are very secure, aggressive behavior from a dog might make them come loose

3. Collapsible, Durable Aluminum Dog Crate from Grain Valley

Collapsible Indestructible Dog CratesGrain Valley’s Collapsible, Durable Aluminum Dog Crate is one of the top indestructible dog crates on the market. It is constructed using high quality aluminum material, which is coated with a rust-resistant coating to increase its durability. It is also fitted with aluminum bars, which increases the stability of the crate. The crate is collapsible, and it is designed to be set up or taken down in a matter of a few minutes, which is very convenient when you are transporting it.

Key features
1) Highly durable
Grain Valley’s Collapsible Dog Crate is a highly durable crate that is made from 100% aluminum material. The crate’s body is also coated with rust-resistant powder coating, which prevents rusting and corrosion of the crate. It is also fitted with aluminum bars, which are welded onto the using rust-resistant rivets. The bars are very strong, and they help to add stability to the crate, making it indestructible.

2) A 4-sided ventilation system
The crate features a superior ventilation system from all its four sides, which helps to keep the inside ventilated, thus ensuring that your dog is comfortable.

3) Safe and Secure Slam Latch System
Green Valley’s Collapsible Aluminum Dog Crate is fitted with a military grade latching system, which allows you to contain your dog in the crate without having to lock the crate up. The latch is very safe and secure, and at the same time, easy to open, which provides you with easy access to the cage when you need to use it.

4) Easy assembly and collapsing
The Green Valley’s Aluminum Dog Crate is collapsible, and it is designed to be taken down in a matter of few minutes. After collapsing the crate, its height comes down to about eight inches, making it very easy and convenient to transport it.

5) Crush Proof Corners
Another great feature of the crate are the crush-proof corners, which are fitted with black rubber corner guards. The guards offer a high impact protection against the crate, which helps to ensure that the dog remains comfortable when you are moving it. They are also excellent for preventing the crate from scratching the surface of the walls or furniture in your home as you move it.


– It is highly durable, made using 100% aluminum material
– It is stylish looking, and comes with a beautiful design that features a powder-coated finish
– The crate is large and has a lot of ample space, which helps to ensure that you can contain a large dog without compromising its comfort.
– The crate is collapsible, which is very convenient when you are transporting it (especially for long distances).


– It is a bit expensive compared to other crates. However, the quality is worth the cost.
– Despite the durability of the aluminum body, the cage is less durable compared to those made of steel.

4. ecoFLEX Tough Pet Crate

Indestructible Dog Crate - ecoFlexecoFLEX Tough Pet Crate is a stylish dog crate that is designed to comfortably contain your pet while indoors. The crate is made using durable wood polymer composite material and stainless steel spindles, which provide your dog with a higher level of security that you cannot get from most dog crates. It is also designed to function as a table, and it comes with a furniture-like appearance that allows it to be placed in the living room or even bedroom. The top of the crate can be used as a lamp stand, vase stand, photo frame stand, or even a coffee table, and it is thus popularly referred to as a crate table.

ecoFlex Key features
1) Highly durable, eco-friendly material
ecoFLEX Tough Pet Crate is designed using a blend of recycled polymers and wood fibers. The material is very durable, and it does not crack, warp or break easily, which guarantees the durability of the crate, while increasing its longevity. The material is also non-absorbent, which prevents the leaking of the dog waste to your floors, while making it very easy to clean the crate. In addition, the material used to make the crate is eco-friendly, and thus you can contain your dog with the knowledge and good feeling that you are not harming the environment.

2) Stylish, beautiful design
ecoFLEX Tough Pet Crate comes with a stylish, beautiful design, which allows it to beautifully integrate with your home décor. The crate is available in three classic colors: Espresso, Russet, and Antique White, which complement your other furniture in your home.

3) Dual functionality crate
ecoFLEX Tough Pet Crate can be used as a dog crate as well as an additional piece of furniture in your home. The top of the crate can be used as a stand or a table, where you can place a lamp, books, pictures, and other decorator items. This dual functionality feature helps to ensure that you can conveniently contain your pet close to the family, as opposed to when you are using metal crates that are only suitable for hidden places such as the laundry room or the outdoors.

4) Steel bars fitted with a Chew Guard
The ecoFLEX Tough Pet Crate comes with stainless steel spindles, which are fitted to the doors and the sides, increasing the crate’s durability and the level of security it offers. The steel bars are also fitted with a Chew Guard, which prevents your dog from chewing the crate.


– It is highly durable, having been made using high quality material comprised of stainless steel bars and a blend of wood fibers and recycled polymers
– The material used to make the crate does not absorb moisture and is very easy to clean and maintain
– The crate comes with a beautiful design that goes well with the house décor


– The crate is shipped as parts and it requires assembling
– Despite having a chew guard, the crate is still prone to dog chewing due to the material used (polymers and wood fiber)

5. Heavy Duty Dog Crate with 2 Doors by My1stPet

Indestructible Dog Crate My1stPetMy1stPet Heavy Duty Dog Crate is a highly durable dog care that is designed to contain your dog is a secure, large enclosure. The crate is made of steel, and it is large enough to contain strong dogs that could otherwise break free from less durable crates. It is also built with two doors, a side and top door, which allows you to gain quick access to your dog when feeding, locking, or unlocking it from the crate. Both doors are easy to operate, and can be opened by pushing a button on the lock panel.

Key features

1) Heavy duty steel wire body
My1stPet Heavy Duty Dog Crate is one of the top indestructible dog crates on the market, which is built with heavy duty steel wire. The durable body helps to ensure that the dog is securely contained inside the crate, as well as protect it from any would-be external threats. In addition to the durable material, the body is also coated with a rust-resistant dark gray color, which helps to increase its durability and longevity.

2) 4 rolling coasters
My1stPet Heavy Duty Dog Crate is fitted with four rolling coasters, which transforms it into a portable crate. This is very convenient when you want to travel with your dog, and it saves you the hustle of carrying the crate with your hands. Two of the rolling coasters can also be locked, limiting the portability of the crate when you need to contain the dog.

3) Removable Plastic Tray
The crate also comes with a removable plastic tray that is placed at the bottom, which prevents dog waste from leaking to your floor. The tray is also a very convenient feature, as it makes cleaning of the crate very easy; you only need to remove the tray with the waste, dispose the waste, clean the tray and then return it to the crate.


– It is made using high quality material, which guarantees its durability
– It comes with two doors, which provides you with easy access to the crate
– The crate is quite large, measuring 43″ x 28″ x 36.5″. Therefore, you can use it to contain large dogs without worrying that they will chew the crate and break free.
– The crate is portable, which makes it very easy and convenient when you are travelling with your dog.
– The crate is very easy to clean and maintain


– The crate is shipped as parts, and thus you must assemble it yourself