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Ethical Pets Ball Dog Toy

Ethical Products Incorporated is a company based in New Jersey that has been introducing award winning pet products since 1952. Featuring food products, pet beds, toys, and aquatic accessories, Ethical Products is an absolute icon in the pet supply industry. With product lines in America, South America, Mexico, Europe, and more, the successful company has released the Ethical Pets Indestructible Dog Toy. This product features a bright red, thick, rubber dog toy designed specifically for pets who love to chew. The virtually Indestructible RubberToy is a wonderful gift for forceful jaws, and gives your pet something to do for hours on end.

Getting Started With Ethical Pets Ball Dog Toy Review – Product Specifications

  • Ethical Pets Ball Dog Toy
  • Model Name: Ethical Pets Tough Indestructible Dog Rubber Ball Toy
  • Dealer’s Official Website: http://www.ethicalpet.com/
  • Description: Ethical Pets Ball Dog Toy Reviews
  • Dog Toy for tough chewers made from a tough rubber
  • Hollow inside to put treats
  • 100% lifetime guarantee
  • Where To Buy Ethical Pets Ball Dog Toy: Ethical Pets Ball Dog Toy is available and you can order this here: –  Click Here to Purchase

Ethical Pets Ball Dog Toy Details and Features

        • This toy was made with your pet in mind!

There are no harsh scents or added chemicals in the thick, vibrant rubber used to make this product. Some pet products add manmade, artificial scents and dangerous chemicals to entice your pet or make him or her more interested. Ethical Pets would never sacrifice quality, and that is evident in this toy. This virtually indestructible chew toy is made of thermoplastic rubber, which was created for its strength and durability, and is used in the making of such materials as hard soled footwear, tubing, wheels, hoses, and more. Dogs who love to chew often destroy their toys in a shockingly short amount of time. The thickness of this product makes it difficult to shred, and as a result, your dog will enjoy hours upon hours of chewing on this toy. Outside elements will not affect the product, so you can leave the ball outside or you can bring it in the house for even more fun. The material is also quite bouncy, which makes the Ethical Pets Ball Dog Toy great for a game of fetch. Throw it against trees, walls, the ground, and more!

        • Take it anywhere!

The lightweight design of this toy contributes to a day of fun filled catch with Fido. Use this toy to play fetch, train, or simply entertain your dog. There are three size options, which gives dog owners the freedom to choose the most appropriate sized Ethical Pets Ball Dog Toy for their pet to love. As before mentioned, the ball can be used indoors or out, and is perfect to pack up for an awesome day in nature. In addition to having an excellent bounce, this toy can be used at lakes or any water source without the inconvenient worry of loss. That’s right. The Ethical Pets Ball Dog Toy floats! Owners can throw the toy into the water, and the ball will float on top of the water while your pet paddles out to get it. This is a great way to train and bond when working on your dog’s comfort with water, or if you have a dog that happens to love to swim.

        • Use it as a toy or a training device!

The Ethical Pets Ball Dog Toy is versatile in that owners can use it to play or train their pets. The three size options are perfect for small, medium, and large dog breeds. Smaller dogs have smaller jaws, which means the larger toys would not be as satisfactory for them. The large dogs would benefit more from a larger toy because of their jaw strength and teeth size. Owners love the piece of mind that comes with knowing that their dog is chewing on the Ethical Pets Ball Dog Toy. Dogs that chew aggressively often destroy new products within minutes, but the thick, specialized rubber in this product will tolerate countless chewing sessions. Not only is it an economically sound purchase, but it is also a toy that can be used over and over again. Your dog will not tire of chewing on their new, shiny toy. The toy features a hollow center in the ball that can be filled with treats of many kinds. This could be used as a form of training with your dog. In addition to using it with treats, using it as a reward for good behavior is also an excellent method of training and communicating with your dog. Of course, most people buy them simply because their dog loves them, and they love giving their pets quality products!Ethical Pets Ball Dog Toy

Currently they are offered in 5 sizes offered. 2.5 inch, 3.25 inch, 3.75 inch, 4.5 inch 5.5 inch


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Ethical Pets Ball Dog Toy

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Ethical Pets Ball Dog Toy
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