Indestructible Ruffwear Turnup Review

Anytime you stroll into a pet store you are likely to get a particular section that is stuffed with pet toys. You might also find this section in any grocery shop. It is true that pet toys such as tennis balls, rawhides and any other squeak toys are fantastic because they offer your pet a form of entertainment. The Ruffwear Company is a dog kit company that supplies dynamic canines with high class equipment.

This equipments range from bowls that can be easily packed, to packs, to leashes and any other equipment you can think of that will ensure your dog is comfortable when, backpacking, running, hiking and running. One of the most common products from this company is the Ruffwear Turnup. Below are some of its features, pros, cons and what is used for.

Getting Started With Ruffwear Turnup Review – Product Specifications


  • Ruffwear Turnup
  • Model Name: Ruffwear Turnup by Ruffwear
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  • Description: Indestructible Ruffwear Turnup Reviews
  • It fits in a dog ball thrower
  • For any size athletic dogs
  • Virtually indestructible
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Ruffwear Turnup Details and Features

Why The Ruffwear Turnup?

You can make a game of fetch with your much loved four legged pet more interesting with the Ruffwear Turnup dog toy. It doesn’t matter if you are playing fetch at home or in the park because this toy has been constructed using an exceptional design and shape that give additional elements to a simple game of fetch. This rubber ball is well suited for ball throwers and has been made to perfectly fit a dog’s mouth just like a tennis ball.

It has a rare shape that enables it to spring in any direction providing more fun and action for dogs of any size. The Ruffwear Turnup is created using rubber that is strong, resilient, and renewable making it one of the essentially indestructible dog toys available today. It is also made with quality divots that encourage healthy gums and teeth for your dog and a double hole design that averts suction and also gives out treats. Its dimensions are 3” tall by 2.5 “wide.

When you throw the Ruffwear Dog toy on a steep bend, it will perform a series of random bounces as soon as it hits the ground. This is an added advantage of this toy since toys of its kind were initially used only on low grace surfaces. It also has a unique trail when you throw it at a low point of view across the ground as it will keep on moving straight and then suddenly make a turn evading the dog. This movements are good because the offer extra workouts for the dog.

Note that when your dog is trying to grab the ball as it runs, it is possible that it might miss it because the Ruffwear Turnup easily bounces away and the dog might be forced to chase it for a considerable amount of time. Furthermore, when it is trying to recover the ball, the Ruffwear Turnup could shoot out of its mouth again especially if the dog is mouthing the toy.

        • Features


· It is made of natural latex rubber that is supple, pliable, vivacious and highly durable as well. The natural latex rubber is also a sustainable renewable source that encourages huge powerful jaws for your dog.

· The ball measures 2.5 by 3 inches.

· It has been made using a unique gum massaging design that can easily be filled with treats thanks to its hollow interior. Its unique shape also makes it able to bounce in all directions.

· Its size is the same as that of a tennis ball making it fit for any dog’s mouth and ideal for any ordinary ball thrower especially those who enjoy long distance fetch.

· The Ruffwear Turnup has a dual hole design that prevents suction.

· The rubber ball’s outer surface is featured with textured divots which inspire advanced oral health.

· The Ruffwear turnup toy is almost round and bounces in all directions, making it ideal for athletic dogs of any particular size.

Ruffwear Turnup


Currently they are offered in 1 color and 1 size: Fern Green and the size is medium


Ruffwear Turnup Dog Toy Pros: 

· The Ruffwear turnup is a highly interesting ball like toy.

· It has been made durable during construction hence its long life.

· This Ruffwear turnup toy has been manufactured using natural rubber.

· Its size is perfect and fits in all standard ball launcher toys.

· It is a high standard pet toy that lasts longer.

· The Ruffwear turnup is made with two hole design that helps prevent dispenses treats and suction.

· Helps your pet maintain healthy teeth and gums.

· It is virtually unbreakable.

· Small in size/tennis ball sized.

· This Ruffwear turnup is resilient.



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Ruffwear Turnup Review Concerns


· It is expensive compared to other toys performing the same duty.

· Its surface grooves gathers dirt and grime therefore posing health risk to your pet.

· The turnup does not travel far when you throw it because of its lightweight design.

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The Ruffwear turnup is one of the most durable turnips because they are made of natural rubber that has a soft limber feel. This turnup beats a bunch of other rubber toys thanks to its flexibility unlike other rubber toys that are hard and rough. Its tennis ball like size makes it one of the most preferred turnips for anyone who wants to enjoy a game of fetch with their pets.

Another great feature that makes it standout from the rest is its ability to provide users with minimal predictable bounce that imitates an untamed animal who is running away.

The Ruffwear Turnup has small grooves on its outer surface which is also perforated on both ends. These perforations act as a spot for stuffing treats and making whistle sounds when the toy is thrown. It has been made with a design that allows for random bounce line that plays major role in fetch. The toy is dishwasher safe and can also be washed using dish soap but has to be dried outside in fresh air. This turnup is compatible with a number of ball throwers.

Another great unique feature of the Ruffwear turnup is its non-slip ability that gives your dog a perfect grip when fetching. This magnificent toy for your four legged pal is a high quality dog toy that provides your canines with inevitable entertainment. Basically, this Ruffwear turnup excites your dog as it occasionally shoots out of its mouth when it grabs it using its jaws. We hope you enjoyed our Ruffwear Turnup Dog Toy Review!

Ruffwear Turnup Indestructible Dog Toy

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