Top 5 Interactive Dog Toys

Top 5 Interactive Dog Toys

Dogs need entertainment and activity in order to keep out of mischief, which is especially true if your four legged buddy is left at home during the times that you are at work. Dogs need about an hour or so of activity and play everyday in order to keep them healthy, physically and mentally. This is where interactive dog toys enter the scene. These kinds of toys are great for hours of activity and play as well as for dispensing treats for your dog.

Here is a list of toys that my dog and my friends’ dogs absolutely love. These are not so expensive and they are reasonably easy to use; you don’t need to be a genius to figure out how to use them. The dogs enjoy the challenge that these give them and I find that my dog is not so anxious and full of energy when I get home. I still take my dog out for a walk when I get home, I think nothing can take the place of a walk and some play time but these toys really help to keep them busy.

Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog ToysStarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy

Tried by a friend of mine on her small dog, a mixed breed about the size of a Yorkie. She found that the Starmark Bob-a-Lot toy can be filled up to the amount that her dog usually eats for one meal. This is actually great since it actually started out as a toy to entertain her dog for the almost eight hours that he is alone in the house. My friend was especially impressed with the adjustment that she could use to control the dispensing of the kibble which she put inside. there is a small slider on the inside of the toy which controls the dispensing. The bottom part of the toy is weighted so that it will always remain upright. It is made of hard plastic which is quite durable but can make some noise if you have wooden flooring.

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OurPets Smarter Toys Interactive IQ Treat Ball

Interactive IQ Treat BallBall shaped toy that can be separated into three parts for easy cleaning and filling with kibble. Kibble can be medium sized and still fit into the dispensing hole. Tried out this Treat ball for my big dog, a German Shepherd, and she spent hours playing with it and getting treats. I loved that the plastic was see through halfway, this way I could see if there was still some kibble dribbling in from the container. It seemed like my dog could see it too, which made her work hard to get it. It kept my dog stimulated for hours on end but she wasn’t so tired when I got home that she was still excited for our evening walk.

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Nina Ottosson Treat Maze

Interactive Dog Toys - Treat MazeI found this disc shaped interactive toy great and stimulating, even for me! It has two opening on two opposite sides of the disc through which the kibble can pass. Your dog needs to actually move or tilt the toy so that the kibble can go through a maze and eventually fall out of the disc. It also makes a noise that alerts the dog that there are still some treats inside. This toy works for dry kibble only, definitely not for semi wet or wet treats because I don’t think you can take it apart to clean it properly.

The best way to clean it is to pop it into the dishwasher since it is safe for dishwasher use. You can also rinse it by focusing the water stream into the hole where the kibble is supposed to go. Shake it a bit to get rid of excess water and leave it out to dry for a bit. Don’t use it while it is wet because bits of kibble might get wet and stuck inside.

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Outward Hound Kyjen Hide-a-Squirrel Squeak Toy

Hide-a-Squirrel Squeak ToyBasically a plush toy comprising of a hollow “log” where you can hide a couple of plush squirrels. Your dog will enjoy taking them out one at a time through several hole and even from the top of the “log”. This is basically just for play, you cannot hide any treats in side because it would just be too easy for the dog to get them and besides, you will need to wash the toy regularly to prevent the kibble from sticking on the plush.

Cleaning it is a breeze since you can just pop the entire thing in the washing machine, squirrels and all! It dries pretty quickly, too, and does not retain any smell from your dog’s loving. I noticed that the dogs love to cuddle with both the “log” and the squirrels so it must give them some comfort when you’re away. To stimulate play, someone needs to continually put the squirrels inside the log for the dog to pull them out.

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Kong Wobbler Treat Dispenser

Interactive Dog Toys - Kong WobblerThe Kong Wobbler is one of the most durable I have ever tried for my German Shepherd. She loves this and it has been with us for years! So durability is really not an issue with this because it lasted so long already. I did see a black colored one that says it cannot be destroyed by your above average gnawer and has a lifetime warranty. The top twists off and on from the bottom so you can fill it up with treats. It’s so easy to use and the bottom is weighted so it gives your dog lots of time to play with it and interact with it.

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