Kong Flying Frisbee Dog Toy

Are you looking for a safe, popular and highly rated Frisbee dog toy product for your dog’s exercise and play? Does your dog love to fetch and catch? Then Kong Flying Frisbee should be your best choice. In this article we outline everything that you would like to know about this world’s best, soft, flexible flyer on the market, focusing on the main reasons why it out-soars the competition.

Getting Started With Kong Flying Frisbee Review – Product Specifications

    • Kong Flying Frisbee
    • Model Name: Kong Flyer Rubber Frisbee Dog Toy
    • Dealer’s Official Website: Company Website
    • Description: Kong Flying Frisbee Dog Toy Reviews
    • Rubber that is very durable
    • Safe For Dogs Teeth and Gums
    • Made in the USA
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Kong Flying Frisbee Crate Details and Features

        • Durable Design

If your pet is notorious for destroying toys, you must be looking for a durable and long lasting toy. Kong Rubber Flyer is made from exclusive KONG Classic durable, non-toxic natural rubber which makes it superior to the hard Frisbees that easily break or crack when using with the dogs. It is resilient and won’t be ruined between a dog’s teeth as it can withstand lots of aggressive biting and hard plays. The Frisbee is also great for all weather conditions and can even withstand extreme weather.

        • Safe

Kong Frisbee is safer for games of fetch compared to the traditional hard plastic flyers. It is soft and won’t hurt a dog’s teeth, gums or mouth if he/she doesn’t catch it correctly. Moreover, if your dog doesn’t catch discs, but pick them up when they land, or misses/drops them regularly, then this Kong Flying Frisbee is still a perfect option as it is flexible, which makes it easier for the dog to manipulate and pick it up.

        • Ideal for Active Dogs

Kong Flying Frisbee encourages healthy exercises and play. Throwing it takes a little bit of getting used to, but it flies well and travels fairly fast, especially in windy conditions, covering a good distance. Your dog will enjoy the playtime and will benefit from the healthy exercises and plays.

        • Accurate Flight and Soft Catch

The long-lasting and flexible flyer from KONG is all you need to extend the play time and make your dog healthy and happy all the time. It makes exercises fun for you and your dog, as its natural rubber flies perfectly straight. It is soft to catch, which makes it ideal for interactive plays. Whether you will decide to spend your fun moments in the backyard or on the park, KONG Flyer will definitely keep you and your pooch entertained for hours.

Kong Flying Frisbee Dog Toy

Kong Flying Frisbee made from standard natural red rubber is offered in 2 sizes, small and large

Kong Paracord Reflective Dog Collar

There is also the Extreme Flyer made from an ultra-durable black rubber compound that makes it stand up to power chomping. Both are designed for outdoor exercises and plays (In an open area free of obstacles that can pose a danger to the dog). It is recommended for dogs of all breeds with up to 85 pounds and not intended to be used as a chew toy.



Small Size Kong Flyer: 7” x o.8” x 7”

Large Size Kong Flyer: 9” x 1.1” x 9”, 8.2 ounces

Large Extreme Kong Flyer 9.5” diameter

Kong Flying Frisbee Dog Toy Pros: 

a) Colorful

The bright color of Kong Flying Frisbee makes it visible and easy to spot. Your dog is likely to get addicted to it and refuse to use other Frisbee. He will always seem to debate if he wants it, and when you get outside to exercise/play, he will skip over other toys and go straight for Kong Flying Frisbee.

b) Perfectly Returns to Its Regular Shape

Kong Rubber Flyer will be folded into different shapes by your dog. He/she will be struggling to tear it up, carry it while folded and abuse it in various ways. However, the durable yet soft rubber material will not get torn and will get back to its normal shape. You will also never be worried of carrying the toy while it’s folded in your bag or pocket.

c) Easy to Clean

If you care about your dog’s health, you should always ensure that you clean the Frisbee regularly, especially after being buried or flung through the mud. Kong Flying Frisbee can be cleaned with ease by just using soap and water,

d) Comfortable on Your Dog’s Mouth

The toy is easy on your dog’s mouth, and the rubber keeps him/her from accidentally biting his/her tongue. The rubber will never get sharp edges to cause oral bleeding like other flying toys. If your dog enjoys shaking Frisbees while fetching it back to you, you can be assured that he/she will be safe.


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Kong Flying Frisbee Review Concerns


a) Doesn’t Float in Water

Kong Flying Frisbee Dog Toy is a little heavier than most Frisbees due to its thick rubber (But it still easy to throw and flies very well). It won’t sink like a stone in water, but it doesn’t float in water. Therefore, you can’t use it as a water toy, and you should always avoid playing/exercising near water sources.
Customers Opinions:

Customer reviews help you make a more informed purchase decision before you can place your order. Amazon reviews are highly preferred and reliable since most customers verify their purchases before they can add comments on various products. Kong Rubber Flyer Red has an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars after 1,652 customer reviews on Amazon. This shows that the product is popular, and a high percentage of customers are satisfied/happy with its performance.

A customer has shared that he purchased several Kong Flying Frisbee for his dog, and both him and the dog loves them. They are extremely durable, and not even one has been ripped off or has any evidence of wear and tear. He says that he ordered large and small sizes, but his dog prefers the small size. The customer concludes by recommending the product to all the potential customers who are looking for a Frisbee that will surpass their expectations. 


Kong Rubber Flyer is simply the best-flying disc for Frisbee-addicted dogs. It is excellent for the dog’s favorite games of fetch, playtime in the park and retriever training sessions. The Frisbee flies well enough and inspires the dog to chase it, catch it and then return it uninjured. Rolling Kong Flying Frisbee on the ground just like a wheel is also another fun game that will surely entertain your dog. Place your order today and make your dog love you for it, as you enjoy hours of outdoor fun.  We hope you enjoyed our Kong Flying Frisbee Review!

Kong Flying Frisbee Dog Toy

Kong Flying Frisbee

8.5 Total Score
Best, Soft, Flexible Flyer

Kong Flying Frisbee Dog Toy
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