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Any dog owner understands so well how tough it can be to handle an active dog, which makes it necessary to invest in a good collar for the dog to help ease control, training and promote the dog’s safety. A good collar should be of the right size, comfortable and safe to the dog. Dog collars are found in a wide variety of options including different brands, colors, shapes and designs, and choosing the best from these may be prove really daunting, especially for the first-time buyer. The Mighty Paw Dog Collar is one of the collars adored by most dog owners across the world and is particularly designed with the strength to handle the most active dog, while keeping it safe and comfortable. Are you ready to know exactly what features make this Mighty Paw Dog Collar the most ideal choice for your dog? Well, read on.

Getting Started With The Mighty Paw Dog Collar Review – Product Specifications

  • The Mighty Paw Dog Collar
  • Model Name: Mighty Paw Padded Collar, Premium Reflective Sports Collar, for Active Dogs
  • Dealer’s Official Website:
  • Description: The Mighty Paw Dog Collar Reviews
  • Available Sizes: Small 12″-15″ – X-Large 22″-27″
  • Neoprene Padding
  • Reflective Stitching
  • Warranty: 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE
  • Where To Buy The Mighty Paw Dog Collar: The The Mighty Paw Dog Collar is available and you can order this here: –  Click Here to Purchase

The Mighty Paw Dog Collar Details and Features

        • Neoprene Padded

A good running collar should ensure that even if the dog is on leash, it doesn’t get the skin on its neck chaffed or hurt. The Mighty Paw’s Neoprene inner padding cushions the dog’s neck providing comfort and allows for maximum traction during higher level activities. This makes it a great dog collar for the active dog as it securely keeps him on leash, yet ensures comfort and safety. This Neoprene lining is resistant to odor absorption hence remains clean and fresh throughout its lifetime.

        • Made of Premium Quality Materials

In addition to the Neoprene inner padding, this running collar has been made of premium quality materials that ensure both strength and durability. It is made of high quality Nylon material that is durable and sturdy enough to stand up against many years of stress from your fun loving dog. It also comes with a heavy duty Velcro strap for easier adjustment of the collar depending on your pet’s size. It also features a ring for easier connection to the leash or even hanging of the identification tag.

        • Features Reflective Stitching

For both your safety and that of the dog, this Master Paw Dog Collar has strong reflective stitching. This ensures better visibility especially when it gets dark. By being visible, you will be able to control the dog with great ease in case you are still walking, jogging, running, hiking or training the him even as the sun goes down. In case the dog breaks free from the leash, you will also be able to see him from a far, making it easier to capture him.

        • Heavy Duty but Lightweight Sport Collar

Mainly designed for the active athletic dog, the Mighty Paw Dog Collar is ideal for sports. It is built with heavy duty Nylon, Neoprene, Velcro, buckles and clasps that are strong and tough enough to stand up against forces from your playful dog while providing him the ultimate comfort. If you love bringing your dog along for a hike, swim, jog, walk or run, then this Mighty Paw Dog Collar is your perfect choice. Even with all these heavy duty features, it still maintains its light weight adding up to approximately 0.3 ounces thus easier for the dog to get used to having it around his neck.

        • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Investing in the Mighty Paw is the wisest and safest investment for your dog. Even though it comes equipped with the greatest features ever, this dog collar comes with a 100% money-back guarantee in case it doesn’t meet your expectations and needs. You only need to return it within 90 days and get all your money back.

        • Sizes and Color

Depending on your preference, with the Mighty Paw Dog Collar, you have a choice between Black and Grey colors. They are found in small, medium, large and X-large sizes, measuring 12-15 inches, 15-18 inches, 18-22 inches and 22-27 inches in length respectively. This ensures that no matter how small or big your dog is, you can still stick to the Mighty Paw brand of running collars.


The Mighty Paw Dog Collar - Dogs


Currently they are offered in 3 colors offered. Black, Grey, and The Sport version is Green


The Mighty Paw Dog Collar Pros: 

1. Comfortable.
This dog collar is padded with Neoprene which ensures great cushioning and traction, ensuring the dog’s comfort. As much as it is made of heavy duty materials, it is lightweight and does not hurt the dog’s neck.

2. Strong and durable.
This collar is made of heavy duty materials including strong clasps, buckles, Velcro, Nylon and Neoprene. This makes it strong enough to resist damage from repeated stress from the active dog. It is also durable, with most users saying that have owned it for several years.

3. Greatly affordable.
Costing only $12.99, the Mighty Paw may as well be a great gift for your dog as it is really affordable. At this price, it actually has features that cannot be matched by most expensive brands in the market.

4. Customizable.
The Mighty Paw is available in Black and Grey and the small, medium, large and X-large sizes. This makes it possible to customize your purchase to your needs. It can also be attached to a Dog leash or an identification tag and even its length adjusted using the Velcro strap.

5. Safe.
Apart from the fact that is made of materials that are safe on the dog’s body, for extra safety, it features reflective stitching to ensure easier visibility especially when dark.


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A Few Mighty Paw Dog Collar Review Concerns


1. It doesn’t work so well on dogs with little to no hair.
Even with the Neoprene padding, a user claims that it did cause his hairless Pitbull to break out on his neck. Though, for dogs with hair, it definitely is the perfect pick..

Check This YouTube Video on Mighty Paw’s Bungee Leash adjustment




Dogs are the best companion to man, and for us to enjoy their companion, we need to take good care of them. The Mighty Paw Neoprene Padded Dog Collar makes this possible by ensuring comfort, safety and better control of the dog. Unlike most other dog collars, it is not made of flimsy materials, neither is it tough on the dog’s skin. In fact, it is gentle on the dog’s neck, strong, durable, safe and very affordable. It is the best choice for any dog owner, and not forgetting, the dog will surely love it. A happy dog equals to a happy owner; the Mighty Paw Dog Collar will surely make your dog happy.  We hope you enjoyed our Mighty Paw Dog Collar Review!

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