Indestructible Dog Toys for Large Dogs

Best 7 Indestructible Dog Toys for Large Dogs

The problem with having a large dog is the increase in power that they have, which is not good if you are trying to find some toys to help keep them amused. However, even though you may have spent a considerable length of time trying to work your way through various options and come unstuck, there are some toys out there that are going to be perfect for this particular situation. The difference here is that you do not just require the normal kind of toy. Instead, you are looking at indestructible dog toys for large dogs and what we have here are 7 such toys that may be of interest to you.

1. Kong Extreme Dog Toy

This is often quoted as being the toughest dog toy out there and indeed the company behind it, Kong, has built a reputation for producing toys that are pretty tough to destroy. It is manufactured from a carbon rubber material and it is puncture resistant as well as being non-toxic to your dog. Furthermore, you can add treats inside for them to attempt to then free so that alone is going to keep them occupied for some time.Kong Flying Frisbee Dog Toy

2. Kong Extreme Goody Bone

Everybody knows that a dog loves a bone, so Kong have created a toy that resembles the shape of a bone and made it indestructible at the same time. The rubber is extra-durable just as it is with their entire range and as with the dog toy mentioned earlier you can add in treats to just up the fun level that bit higher. Also like the rest of their toys you will find that your dog is going to be unable to puncture it even if it is classed as being an aggressive chewer as well as being a large dog.

3. Kong Squeezz Stick Dog Toy

This toy is perfect for those dogs that seem to be entertained by a toy that makes a noise and the problem with that type of toy is that they then have a tendency to get the part out that makes the noise. This is not going to be beneficial for their health which is why this version from Kong will be the perfect solution. The toy is chewy without it being able to be punctured and because of the shape it can bounce all over the place which just adds to the fun when you are interacting with your dog and playing with this toy. If your dog is the type that loves to play with sticks, then at least this is going to be the safe option for them.Kong Biscuit Ball

4. ChuckIt Ultra Ball

Any dog loves to play with a ball, but large dogs have a tendency to go straight through them and destroy them in a matter of seconds. However, the ChuckIt Ultra Dog Ball is far more durable than any other version out there on the market and not only are they going to prove to be too difficult to chew through but they are also extremely bouncy at the same time. This just means that your dog is going to have a pretty good time playing with it and with a squeaky version also available it means you have options to choose from and at least you know that the squeaker really should not come out of this particular toy.

5. Jolly Pets Teaser Ball

The Jolly Pets teaser ball has the potential to drive your dog crazy and because it is tough and durable it will mean that you can keep them entertained for some considerable period of time. The key is that this toy has a smaller ball inside a larger one and the dog is able to see this which is going to drive them crazy. With the shape, it is also going to roll around in a rather strange way and this just adds to the fun for your dog as well. The outer ball is made of a hard plastic so it can withstand a considerable amount of force and the dog is not going to be able to get the inner ball out of the cover either.Jolly Pets Romp n Roll Ball

6. Everlasting Treat Ball

Even the name of this toy is going to tell you everything that you need to know about the fun that your dog is going to have in trying to get to grips with this toy. This has basically been shown to be capable of withstanding even the most powerful of dog jaws and it is going to prove to be impossible for your dog to puncture it with its teeth at any point. The best part is that you can put in a treat of your choice for your dog and watch them play and try to get to it with you deciding when that is going to happen. This can really provide them with a considerable deal of entertainment and it is a toy that really is going to be indestructible.

7. Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Woof Ball

This ball is completely different to anything else out there because not only is it extremely durable, but it is also minty flavored and this in itself is going to intrigue your dog for a long time. It is bouncy, it has raised lettering on it that is also extremely safe for your dog as it will not come off, and it is super smooth so nothing is going to break off at any point. Also, this product comes with a 100% guarantee, so that alone shows confidence from the company behind it and it really is a wonderful ball for them to go and play fetch with.
Those are not the only indestructible dog toys for large dogs that are on the market, but they are certainly some of the best at taking a considerable amount of punishment from those strong jaws. However, at the same time they will also give your dog some pleasure and enjoyment especially when they are probably going to be driven crazy wondering why this toy has managed to withstand them when others have failed.

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