West Paw Design Jive Dog Toy Review

The West Paw Design Jive dog toy is an all in one toy that will provide your pooch with all of the entertainment that they need. This brightly colored toy is a great mix of durable and flexible: just what a dog needs. They can chew, fetch, chase, and toss this toy around to their heart’s content.

Getting Started With West Paw Design Jive Dog Toy Review – Product Specifications

  • West Paw Design Jive
  • Model Name: West Paw Design Jive Dog Toy
  • Description: West Paw Design Jive Dog Toy Reviews
  • Bounces unpredictable for more fun
  • Guaranteed against damage
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA Free and Non toxic
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The West Paw Design Jive Dog Toy Details and Features

Versatile playtimes

This toy is perfectly adapted for playing fetch games. It is aerodynamic in design, so it is ideal for throwing and catching. The perfect size for fitting in a medium sized dog’s mouth (6.6 cm x 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm to be precise), it also has a couple of grooves in either side so that you can easily hold it in your hands. In addition, the Jive dog toy is bouncy, so you dog can have endless fun playing with it on hard surfaces too, such as the garden path.

Non toxic materials

One key selling point of the West Paw Design Jive dog toy is the fact that it is made from innovative Zogoflex material. As well as displaying the qualities of durability and flexibility mentioned above, Zogoflex is non toxic, which of course is very important given that your dog is going to be chewing away at it and carrying it in their mouth. The non toxicity of this toy is, for your further piece of mind, certified by the US’s FDA.

Let’s face it, almost all dog owners have had a moment where they have had to snatch a dog toy out of their beloved pooch’s mouth because they felt worried that their dog might swallow some of it and get sick. But, with the West Paw Design Jive toy, you do not ever need to fall prey to that worry. Not only would it be hard for your dog to chew a chunk from this robust little toy, it is also certified to be non toxic.

West Paw Design makes plenty of different dog toys from Zogoflex, and the designers at this company are rightly proud of their non toxic and durable chew and fetch toy lines. For your complete ease of mind, all of West Paw Design’s Zogoflex toys come with a built in guarantee which enables the owner to return the toy for a one time replacement if they feel that the material was not up to their high standards for their dog. So, if your dog does manage to chew this toy to pieces, never fear! Simply use the guarantee to get a replacement.

Washable and easy to care for

This toy does not need batteries, and it is also very easy to care for. Its wipe clean design means that you can give it a quick swipe with some dog friendly antibacterial wipes at the end of a play session if you want to. The Dog Jive is also dishwasher safe, so if you want to give it a nice deep clean with some hot water, just pop it into the dishwasher. Just make sure that you use dishwasher tablets or powder that are not too strongly perfumed, as you can rest assured that that toy is going straight back in your dog’s mouth as soon as it’s washed!

Cute and Colorful!

The official name of the classic hue of this dog toy is ‘Granny Smith Green’, named after the crisp and tasty apple variety. But, it is also available in two other fruity and attractive hues (‘Tangerine’, for example). No matter which hue you choose, the bright and jazzy color of the toy is another asset as it makes it very easy to see when you are playing fetch. You would not want your dog to lose their favorite toy after all, would you? The cute shape is matched by a light weight feel (the toy weighs in at 135-6 g, so once again it is super easy for both you and your dog to throw and catch) which enables the toy to ‘float’ in the air when thrown.

Handy for recalcitrant pooches

Sometimes you are playing fetch with a couple of dogs at once, and one of them does not want to share their toys. Here, the aforementioned grooves in the main body of the Dog Jive toy come in very handy. You can use these to grab the toy even when it is in your recalcitrant dog’s mouth and encourage them to share it around. As all dog owners know, it is much harder to grab a tennis ball from a slippery, slobbering dog’s mouth – so, the Dog Jive will really help to make playtime go more smoothly and democratically.

In addition, plenty of dogs like to play tug of war games with their owners. And, the little grooves in the toy make this easy to do too. Just grab on to ‘your’ end of the toy and get tugging!


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A Few West Paw Design Jive Dog Toy Review Concerns


A little pricier than the average – but worth it

These toys cost just over $10 each, which makes them pricier than your average tennis ball or bargain basement dog chew. However, it is important to balance the cost against the durability of the toy. A traditional, cheap dog toy will often need to be replaced every few weeks, as your dog will end up chewing it to death! However, given average amounts of playfulness, the Dog Jive toy has the ability to last for years. So, you can think of that money as an investment, and something which actually saves you money in the long run.

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This is a toy that will suit all kinds of dogs. It simply flies through the air and is so fun to throw around. Thanks to the ergonomic design, it is easy to grasp, grab, and tug, too. Visually it is a very jazzy and contemporary looking toy, and one that will stay looking great for ages thanks to its superior durability.

Hassle free to clean, either by wiping or by throwing into the dishwasher for a quick wash cycle, this toy really is an owner’s dream. A low maintenance toy that provides both you and your dog with high levels of enjoyment! The non toxic material is a nice and caring touch, and overall this is definitely a toy that you can let your pooch play with to their heart’s content.

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West Paw Design Jive Dog Toy

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