Top 5 Indestructible Dog Chew Toys

Looking for Indestructible Dog Chew Toys

There is nothing a dog loves more than to sit back on its haunches and proceed to chew on a bone, passing the time. The chewing is good for their teeth, sharpening them and it is also a way for them not to feel bored when you have stepped out.

Despite the top Kong dog toys being all the rage in the dog toy industry, there are other manufacturers partaking in this field of providing your dog with the ultimate pass time; chew toys that are virtually indestructible.

This piece attempts to bring some of the indestructible dog chew toys to your attention to ensure that your dog can have a great time in your absence, at the same time avoiding the potentially dangerous condition known as separation anxiety.

Indestructible Dog Chew Toys

Nylabone Dog Chewing Toy

Nylabone has been in the game of providing chew toys for dogs since the mid-1950s, manufacturing products that will occupy your furry partner for hours on end.

The Nylabone Dura Dog Chew Toy, as the name suggests, is a durable plaything that the dog can gnaw on. Nylabone is in the habit of adding flavors to its chew toys so that the dog can always want to clamp its jaws on the toy.

The bone shaped toy with the flavor activates the dog’s natural instinct to always chew on bones. This has the added advantage of keeping the dog busy for an extended period, meaning that once you leave the dog alone, it will not resort to chewing other household items like slippers and shoes in a bid to pass the time until your return.

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The Dura Dog Chew Toy comes in various sizes so as to satisfy a wide range of dogs. This tough toy has nubs and ridges all over to make the chewing more of a challenge to the dog, at the same time cleaning the gums and teeth of the dog to ensure perfect oral health.

Indestructible Dog Chew Toys - SEthical Pets Indestructible “S”  Bone

The Ethical Pets Tough Rubber “S” Dog Toy is a bone shaped chew toy for dogs that fall into the aggressive chewer category.

This toy is perfect for your grown dog that spends a long time powerfully chomping down on stuff. Just like the name suggests, this toy is virtually indestructible. This is mainly due to the fact that it is made from a combination of tough rubber and plastic.

The thermoplastic rubber gives it a wiggly form but still ensures that it will hold up to the punishment inflicted upon it from the sharp teeth of your canine companion. It also has the added advantage of having a hollow center. This can be filled with treats or peanut butter so as to entice the dog to further play with the toy.


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Maxx Chew Goughnuts

Goughnuts – Indestructible Chew Toy MAXX

The Goughnuts Indestructible Chew Toy MAXX is a ring that is made from rubber that has reinforced with carbon to ensure that it is as indestructible as the tag claims.

When toys from other manufacturers are destroyed by the chewing power of the dog, the owner realizes when the toy is strewn all over the yard or house in tiny pieces. Goughnuts has decided to take a different approach concerning this.

The Goughnuts products are made in two layers of indestructible rubber. However, the folks over at Goughnuts realize that every good thing must come to an end so they decided to let you know when the toy has reached the end of its life.

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The two layers of rubber and colored differently. The inner ring of rubber is shaded red and when it is exposed, the owner knows that it is high time that the chew toy is withdrawn from the dog so that it is not entirely destroyed and ends up posing ingestion or choking risks.

With the company’s Virtually Indestructible Chew Toy Guarantee, you can send the toy back once the red is exposed so that they can send you a new one. Classy!

West Paw Guaranteed Tough Dog Chew Stuffable

Tough Treat Stuffable Dog Toy - ColorsThe Tux is a different kind of dog chew toy. The shape is akin to a plastic model of a simple chemical compound. Though it has zero use in the lab, it is a great addition to the life of your furry friend.

The toy is extremely durable and is mainly used as a treat dispenser owing to the hollow center. The West Paw Design Stuffable Zogoflex Ultra Tough Dog Chew Toy is able it bounce when tossed as well as float on water, making it ideal for very active dogs that enjoy spending time outdoors with their masters.

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Apart from the fact that the Zogoflex Tux is non-toxic to the dogs, it is also dishwasher safe. This means that it can be easily cleaned and then stuffed with more treats before being thrown back to the dog to have copious amounts of fun with.

Even when empty, the shape of this toy ensures that the dog is occupied for a while especially if said dog is really into gnawing, keeping it away from the shoes and furniture.

Y Indestructible Dog Toy

Virtually Indestructible Rubber “Y” Dog Toy

Ethical Pets Play Strong Rubber “Y” Dog Toy is made from the same thermoplastic rubber as many of the other dog chew toys from the manufacturer.

The Y shaped dog chew toy is ideal for dogs that love to have fun while chewing on toys at the same time. The shape and make-up of this toy makes it ideal for playing fetch. The three bone shaped prongs extending from the center of the toy look awesome when airborne, enticing the dog to go after the toy.

The Ethical Pets Y Dog Toy is hollow, meaning that it can be filled with treats as well as peanut butter. This makes the dog work harder at the toy, trying to extract these wonderful goodies from its owner.

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